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Mika on Video Hits


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Did anyone from Australia watch Mika on Video Hits on channel 10 this morning? He was on all day! He was wearing leapord print sunglasses....xx:wub2:


The Presenter gave him a giant Chupa Chup at the end of the interview, and he unwrapped it and licked it... you had to watch it! Aww, I should have taped it..




Got it! http://publish.vx.roo.com/tendigital/music/thumblistgrid.aspx?siteId=35b202c6-5eda-47ad-881c-c35f788e1cd9&v=795&channel=NATHAN&format=wmp&bitrate=300&typecode=&startPosition=1#





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do a keyword search to find it on the website


Is that what you did? :blink:


I can't see it! It just sais that the ten site isn't available..


It won't search for me....

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