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"Relax Take It Easy" as a single in the UK?


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Seeing as this song is HUGE in europe right now! Will Mika release it here in the UK?


It would be criminal if he didn't this song has HUGE potential!


I understand he released it already but not as a physical release.


This song has No.1 for more than 4 weeks written ALL over it!!!!!!!!! :naughty:


Would be a great 4th single after Big Girl IMO! innocent0001.gif prays it will happen! innocent0001.gif

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i want lollipop as a single. :biggrin2: would make a good summer hit. but well, we already have relax here in germany. :wink2: but although i like the song, i would've preferred love today or big girls.

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Relax Take It Easy was the 1st track i fell in love with aswell!


It is possible and i hoped he'd release Lollipop NOW instead of Big Girl it would make a BIGGER summer hit! If the time was to release Lollipop it would have been noW!


I doubt he'd release Lollipop IMO!


Relax Take It Easy would be a good autumn song, so heres to hoping!!! :D

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