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what is the latest?!


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i havent been able to stalk the mfc forums as much as i wouldve liked to this week!! and last... and the last.


NOOOOOOOO i feel like im missing out on LOADS of gossssssip!


is there anything amaing been happening, or being talked about that i should no of? i dont get much time to come on here nowdays!


i need my weekly mika fix! HEEELP!




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Well, besides Mika's proposal to me and our wedding that is set for this fall in a field of daisies, not much. :D


The only thing that I can think of is that it has been confirmed that Mika is, indeed, a glasses-wearer. :)


Oh, and he also wears green underpants.


And he heard his laugh ringtone!

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well its stuff like that i like and need to know!! thankya!!


just as long as he hasnt walked through my village or anything and i missed it!






man mika is HOT.


aaah i had to add it in there!

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