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mika magazine scans

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ok so i have a bunch of scans from diffrent magazines that i fuigured i might as well post. sorry, some of them are a bit old but thats ok. btw, these are all from american magazinges beucase well, im american.


San Fransicsco Chronical

review of 9/6 show at the fillmore. (i was there!)





an interivew



album review



Teen Vouge






People Magazine


Paste Magazine/ some fashon one


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i didnt get to buy the one with his teen vogue debut and i didnt know which issue he was in... so thank u so much!! much appriciated!


.... and i agree that picture with his hands on his head is gorgeous :wub2:

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On the San Francisco Chronical interview...


What is trashy TV? I hear Mika talk about it a lot.


You know, corny, silly television programmes you don't want others to know you watch. Like talk shows or some of the reality shows on now, or soap operas.



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