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I Met My Muse... Mika I Love You!


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I am elated right now... last night I met MIKA and he was so sweet! I HAVE PICS ON MY MYSPACE! Go check them out there awesome!


Here's the bulletin I posted




So, The day started out very calm... I got all pretty and dolled up and we took the train with all the cubs fans :P... than I got to the venue where we waited in line for about an hour. When we got to the stage we realized how close we were going to be to him. I freaked out of course and immediately couldn't wait to see him.


His performance was everything and more than what I expected. He was so gorgeous. The pictures and videos of him everywhere DO NOT DO HIM JUSTICE. And I loved him before his concert too lol. HE's so cute and dark... tall, dark and very very handsome. He's not as skinny as he looks either, but rather very proportioned.


HE DID NOT STOP MOVING during the entire concert. You could just feel how happy he was to be with his fans. He said how incredible it was to never have visited a place (CHICAGO) and have so many people there that love you. He told us that there was no where he'd rather be and that he appreciated us! He's only been famous for about 9 months people! HE WILL BE A LEGEND!


So the concert ended and everyone was waiting outside for him to come out... I was one lol... I was second in line to meet him and guess what, I DID! HE WAS THE SWEETEST, most compassionate person ever. He looked at me alot... ( I AM NOT LYING EITHER) I PROMISE you, there was something!


As the girl in front of me was taking her pic with him, I was standing next to the pic taker and HE LOOKED STRAIGHT AT ME WHEN THE FLASH WENT OFF... it was something out of a movie lol... Than he kept looking! So I finally got to meet him and I gave him my CD and he was all smiley and he talked very softly and sweetly to me. He asked, "What's your name?" and I told him and he repeated it like I've never heard it spoken before lol, "Melanie" Ever so gently and lovingly... He asked if it was ok to sign on the inside of my CD and I said yes... so he did... He than started spelling my name and asked me how to spell the rest :)...


Than WE TOOK THE PICTURE... I just remember his arm around me SO SO TIGHT and my arm was around his back just as tight... he was so cuddly soft and did I mention how good he smelled! WOW!! So as we parted I said thank you and touched his back one last time. I kept turning back to look at him as we went on our way... He was with someone else at the time and I said "BYE MIKA!" and waved with a little smile... he did the same and MADE SURE he looked at me... HE REALLY LOOKED AT ME!


I LOVE HIM! LEAVE ME SOME COMMENTS and become a fan if you aren't!





p.s. THis summer so far has been amazing! I feel a change in the air and I am enjoying life for once in a really long time! I HAVE TO SEE MIKA AGAIN... it was not goodbye, I know it... COLOR]


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That's so great! I read your entire post and I must say, I am really, truly happy for you that everything went well.


Thank you, especially for the details about how he looks. I was wondering if he was better looking in person. And I agree with you: He is going to be a legend. :wub2:


I wish you many more meetings with Mika and it *did* seem like there was something, even more so if he said your name softly. He will probably remember you, I'm sure of it! :biggrin2:


I hope to meet him, too, someday. :mf_lustslow:

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I read all of your report and what a lucky lucky girl!!! *yay*

I'm so happy for you and all Mika fans that get to meet him....waiting for my turn in August :wub2:

I also wanna say my name (who isn't unfamiliar to him) ever so gently and lovingly :biggrin2: and see his reaction! *siiiiigh*

When you said that he looked dark and handsome......gaaah dreeewling here.....love lebanese boys and Mika's one heck off one :mf_lustslow:

Again really happy for you :wink2:

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That sounds absolutely amazing! I think I'll follow the trend and insert this smiley: :wub2:


Aw, I'm so happy for you. I wish I could have stayed after the SF gig. I love how he treats his fans. Can't wait for him to come back here! :biggrin2:


And I have to agree, he is so much hotter in real life. ;) Even though I didn't meet him, I was front row at the concert.

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Wow! You are pretty much the luckiest girl in the universe! That sounded like such a fairy tale experience..*faints*


I just looked at your pictures too and your pic with him is so cute! I really loved your outfit too! :biggrin2:

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Don't say things like that.........:wub2: *melts in to a hot puddle* :roftl:


I just realized how much I didn't look at him! I was looking at BonjourMika's pictures, and they're looking at each other...I really don't remember looking up at him, maybe I did. When I get nervous talking to someone, I have a tendency of looking around them or looking away when seems rude but that's how I handle it! I really, really hope Mika thought I wasn't uninterested! He's probably forgotten by now 'cause he probably met loads of more fans tonight but still! I tend to freak out about things like that...:naughty:


Speaking of that, I can't wait to hear how it went in D.C.!

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I doubt he thought you were uninterested! I'm sure, if anything, he would have assumed you're shy. :)


I can remember catching eyes with him more than once and it seems like in the video that I did it more than I would have thought.


I think I only did once, during 'Stuck in the Middle' after he repositioned his keyboard to not face Martin, lol. Now, Martin, I made eye contact a whole bunch with him! I wish I could have talked with him afterward. He looked like he was having so much fun up there!

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You're bringing back happy, yet sad memories....haha. I'm very happy for you! That's so funny your name is Melanie, because when I met him I was like "I'm Nono" and he thought I said Melanie so yeah haha. He had to correct himself as he was signing my poster thingy.

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