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Greetings everyone from Susie Valentine. :wub2:

I have a dangerous obsession - and I'm luving it. Now I know I'm in the right place having joined the MFC. Just tumbled upon the Mikanictionary and I now know I'm a confirmed Mikaholic. It's been getting worse - or should I say just better - since I decided a month ago that I would go to the Butterfly Ball at Shepherds Bush. I indeed took a train to the end of the line - it was my own secret - I told nobody I know. Kerching - managed to pick up ticket outside - in I went and got as far up front as I could. Just truly amazing to actually see Mika perform - leaping and bounding about in irrediscent white suite - so tall, so long, so sexy, so godlike etc etc. No rushing home - yet just missed him at stage door exit - meanwhile met his mum - a very nice layde - she took pictures of us to show Mika. I was wearing a fetching little blue satin fascinator with rainbow net which I fashioned for the occasion. Well thereafter I became transformed. Instantly became Mikanorexic and am no longer a big girl due to constant Mikacise. Have not stopped talking about Mika,thinking about Mika, listening to Mika etc. etc. I walk about London and follow in Mika's steps. When recently visiting the Surrealist Show at the V&A (I'm sure Mika would like it) I tumbled upon a Surrealist Ball - there were people wildly and artily dressed in full Surrealist style wearing apples and clocks and bowler hats and many coloured feathers on their heads. Reeling from that I then had to give a little "coup d'oeil" at the French Lycee. Looking through the railings into the silent playground I imagined Mika running round in short trousers and bow tie (aaaahh) and at worst maybe crying in the ccrner. :shocked: "Ne rigolez pas -c'est pas juste. C'est Mika qui rigole maintenant!" Bravo Mika!:wub2: Tu est adorable. Je t'adore.

I'm sure you'd like to know that as an artist/educator - I even did an impromptu "lollipop workshop" with my kids group - I had them singing and dancing to Mika and making giant lollipops - and they lapped it up. I'm on a constant high and feel full of sunshine - however being a Mikansomniac seem to go to bed when the birds are just waking with their first chorous of everybody's gonna luv today. Planning my next outfit and want to escape to Paris with Billy Brown. Just luving life with Mika.

Au revoir et grosses bissous.:wub2:

Susie Valentinexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Hello Wendi

Glad you like the intro.

After finally going to bed at 5.30 something - still managed to accompany stroppy teenage daughter to station at 7.30. Rushed home and did my Mikacise in sun. Jogging on the spot to "Love Today" and then "Relax take it Easy" and general dancing to two rounds of "Life in Cartoon Motion".

Live your life till Love is found. Susie V.

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Hi GemmaM

Glad you liked the intro. Watch out for more stories of Mika's London.

Gonna shake the world out of every nook. On my journies and travels on the way I used to live in a cottage stuck in the middle on a road that went to Abergavenny in one direction and Ross on Wye in the other.

Live your life till love is found. Susie V.

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