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Where should Mika play?


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Since we know Mika himself occasionally reads the forum, and that there's the possibility he has "insiders" reading it as well, I thought we'd make it nice and convenient for them when scheduling Mika's next tour.:biggrin2:


Here's how it works. From 1-3, list the three cities you'd like Mika to play in. Most people will likely list their hometown (or more likely, the nearest major-ish city to them). Numbers 2 and 3 can be other cities that you'd travel to in order to see him play.


Note to Mika: We love you all over the world, but please make sure you're taking time for yourself! We all want you to have concerts in our area, but more than that, we want you to take care of yourself, relax, spend time with your friends and family, and get lots of sleep! Balance, dear!


Anyhow, I'll go first:


Mika, please come to:


1) Calgary, Alberta, Canada

2) Seattle, Washington, US

3) Vancouver, BC, Canada

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1. Well... if it is possible, in my livingroom/bedroom :mf_lustslow:


2. If 1. isn't possible then under my window... :wub2:


3. if that isn't possible either, then okay.. somewhere in the Netherlands would be great!! :thumb_yello:

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Chicago would be nice again. We love you here Mika!



I honestly think they do actually take what we say into consideration, or I'd like to think they do. When I heard he'd be touring in America, I kept saying that I wanted him in Chicago before the 14th and what do you know? It happened! There are other things they have been discussed on here that have happened also, and I sorta wish I would have asked Mika if he actually took into consideration what we say on here but I just stuck with making sure he stills read at least some of the forum.

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Please MIKA if you are reading this, if there is a God in Heaven please come to Cambridge Corn Exchange??? I would be your slave forever...:naughty: PLEASE!!! thenthen you can meet me andand I could lock you in my loft and make you dinner every night...:thumb_yello: crazy thoughts again...


If not C.C.E then maybe somewhere in the Bishops Stortford/Harlow/Cambridge/Ware area...?? Just a thought...:blush-anim-cl:

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I'd love him to come to Denmark.. again again again! I know that he's already been here once - soon three times.. But I'd love him to come back this winter or something!

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ok, i know a bunch of people who will love me for this one

1. tampa bay, florida

2.orlando, florida

3.talahassee, florida


or, if you want, i would love if you came to my really boring town, new port richey, where the main attraction is walking to the library up the street and sitting on green electricial boxes outside of our houses.:thumbdown:

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