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Merchandise question??


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Sorry if this is a stupid question.. i tried searching for an answer but i couldnt find anything concrete..


Is the Official Mika Merchandise available to be bought online and sent to the US?


I know the fan club merch store is, but i really want the official hoodie, i was hoping to get it at the concert but they didnt have it. Or is there anywhere else i can order it from?



thank you!:biggrin2:

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It doesn't look to me as if they do post to the US.

If you go on the Mikasounds website and choose the British version there is a merchandise section in the shop, but on the American version there isn't one (I just checked)

I think that your only option may be to get one of us British fans to buy the hoodie and post it to you, although I don't know how you'd be able to pay it back (international bank transfer is very expensive, Paypal would be better, but I don't know if it's possible)

(I'll do it for you if you're desperate!)

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