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Meet Mika At His After-party In Nyc!!

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You can join Mika at his real, offical AfterParty following his Nokia Theatre concert in New York City this Friday, June 15! A limited number of fans can gain access by making a small donation to LIFEbeat, the Music Industry Fights AIDS. You can mingle with Mika and other celebrities and industry bigwigs, enjoy free cocktails all night, and REALLY party like a rockstar, while helping in the fight against AIDS.


Tickets are limited, so we suggest advance purchase. You can get more information and buy tickets at http://www.SpinCycleNYC.com/afterparty, or by calling the charity office in New York at 212-459-2590. Tickets (100% a donation to LIFEbeat) are just $10 advance, $15 at the door if available.


LIFEbeat has done about 70 similar AfterParties with artists ranging from Tony Bennett to Courtney Love --- this is the real deal.


You have to be 21 or over, since there is an all-night open martini and beer bar. We hope to see you Friday!

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I would love to be there!!!!! :blink:


This is a time when i wish i was in America!!! Grrrrr!!!!


Nevermind! Have fun whoever is going.......think of me in Good 'ole England won't you? ....yeah, right! LOL!!!


Sounds great!:thumb_yello:

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STOP spaming you DECK:sneaky2:

To LIFEbeat and LIFEbeat loves mika

I think that this is really rong the MFC is supposed to be a place for fans this is not your free advertising salon if you want to place a ad pay for it shet bag :thumbdown:


To my fellow MFC members I really hope I havent offended any of you . It's just that I dont believe organizations should be using our forum for thier own agendas:thumb_yello:



this link explains my language : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHFC6rlGsH8

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