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  1. ameliaxcore

    MIKA in Boston

    well....mika was AWESOME, as expected. Some of the highlights inluded: 1..sweet dreams (eurythmics cover) 2..extended version of "love today" culminating in a "speccial performance" by mika where he ran around without his shirt on waving drumsticks like a maniac 3..lollipop....all the band members were wearing animals suits. in addition, huge balloons were passed around and confetti sprayed wildly! 4..jackson five cover 5..our outfits...we were the ones running around in metallic hotshorts and spandex pants, if you saw us (we'll post a picture later) we didn't get any pics of the show becuase we had to check our bags...and didnt want to worry about taking pictures...and ones that you guys took would be highly appreciated!!! : ) all in all.....a wicked fun night!!!!!
  2. ameliaxcore

    hey everyone!

    aww thanks everyone for being so nice! i have definatly joined other forums (not for mika though because mika fans are obv the best) and people were mad that there were new memebers yeah thanks and rock on with mika!!
  3. ameliaxcore

    hey everyone!

    hey name is amelia and i think mika is amaazing im really excited to see mika for my first time next week in bosotn : )
  4. ameliaxcore

    Boston gig

    I'm going!!! I'm sooo excited! My friend and I have some amazing outfits! I was just waiting for someone to post about the boston show! Does anyone know what bands are going to open?