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Soundtrack of Empathy



Mika has collaborated with recruitment giants Indeed to launch a new project titled ‘Soundtrack of Empathy’ to shine a light on the importance equality and empathy to the workplace. LBGTQIA+ people face unique challenges in the workplace that can hinder their ability to bring their authentic selves to work. The project uses music as a way to share your identity and tell your story. It is hoped that the creation of Soundtracks of Empathy will foster belonging, unity and understanding as we face unique hardships in our daily lives based on our individual background and intersectional identities.

Get involved by creating a new playlist that you feel represents your authentic identity and story and puts words to the feelings you want others to hear. Share your playlist by using the hashtag #SoundtrackOfEmpathy and tag Indeed and Mika on your favourite social channels.

As part of Soundtrack of Empathy, Mika also shared playlists with Indeed’s SVP of Human Resources, Paul Wolfe and they spoke about using music as a tool to the workplace. In addition, MIKA also lead LGBTQIA+ artists in a virtual roundtable discussion about their career journeys and how music can inspire empathy and create community within the workplace and beyond.

Finally, on June 24th, Indeed and MIKA presented Soundtrack of Empathy, a Pride celebration benefiting Born This Way Foundation. Watch the full concert here!

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