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  1. Hi TeeMarie, You've come to the right place! No one here will think you're crazy... or if you are, then we all are! I'm in the US, too, BTW, so welcome to a fellow American.
  2. And a radio interview from RTL (in French sorry -- MFC Subs Team?): https://www.rtl.fr/culture/arts-spectacles/coronavirus-la-pandemie-nous-a-fait-reevaluer-certaines-choses-estime-mika-7900003438
  3. Here are a few interviews to go along with this:
  4. So we now know what the art project Mika referred to the other day is: 2021-02-26-posters-lesartistes.pdf
  5. I'm not sure this exactly the right topic to discuss this subject, but I can't think of a better one, so we'll keep it here for now anyway. I totally agree that it's disrepectful to Max to repeatedly ask him about Mika and Andy, when he's really there to promote himself and his work. But by having answered such questions in the past, he's sort of opened the door to getting them in the future. I thought the question about Mika and Andy kissing was out of line, just as the question about missing Andy was a few minutes earlier, but he could have/probably should have chosen to ignore t
  6. It's buried in this La Repubblica article here, which you can't read unless you're a subscriber: https://rep.repubblica.it/pwa/intervista/2021/02/17/news/serena_rossi-288008681/ But someone sent me a clip from the newspaper article so it's true. In the interview with Serena Rossi, who will be the host of the new show "La Canzone Segreta", they say the show will start on 12th March. There will be 7 guests from the world of spectacle, sport, and journalism, and Mika will be one of the "protagonists." They don't say which date, though, so we just have to wait for more deta
  7. dcdeb

    New forum

    Hi, We have a live chat box right over here ----------------> in the right-hand column, or at this link here if you want to chat with other fans about Mika. We encourage you to get acquainted with others over there! I've looked at Discord to see how it would work for us here, and as it would require some moderation, I don't think we have the resources to handle that right now. There used to be a Mika chat over on Discord, started a while ago by some Mika fans, not sure if it's still active. BUT... we have fairly active Twitter and Instagram accounts, and we
  8. Just bumping this so it's at the top of the section!
  9. I periodically bump this to bring it to your attention. It's been a while, and I just updated it slightly, so here it is again.
  10. Hi and welcome back, Renate! If you really want to keep your old account, please let me know and I'll reset the password so you can access it. As for contacting Mika's management, I'm really not sure what good that will do especially in these pandemic times. But I suppose they'll start to make plans again sometime... He is represented by these two agencies (from the Mika FAQ): Who represents Mika? In UK and Europe, Mika is represented by YMU Group. In the US, Mika is represented by William Morris Endeavor. Or you could send an email to me (mfc.registe
  11. FROM MIKAINSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/p/CLb6OEUl4GY/ NUOVO LIVE ALBUM!So happy to announce that the live album recorded at the Royal Opera House of Versailles will be available from midnight local time (19th February) globally on digital platforms. Download HERE: MIKA.lnk.to/ALORDV"The singer delivers a sublime performance, intimate and delicate" Le Parisien"A unique and bewitching moment, a classical performance" Claire Chazal (Passage des Arts)“Mika keeps a thirst for life (…), an abundant culture, a true originality” Le MondeI know many of you haven’t been
  12. Yes, this is the news, and I'm surprised at the announcement today... but I did say something was coming on Friday, so I guess that's technically true! LOL And no, I don't think there will be a physical copy, just digital. Like the Brooklyn Steel album.
  13. L'AMOUR FAIT CE QU'IL VEUT We're talking about this song HERE. J’étais bien avant qu’il vienne Coller sa main dans la mienne Il m’a eu comme un bleu L’amour fait ce qu’il veut Le voilà qui veut ma peau Qui me tatoue dans le dos Des serpents, des cœurs en feu L’amour fait ce qu’il veut Pour ce salaud, Je fais le tour de la Terre jusqu’au Congo Je m’enfuis dans le désert du Sahara Tout en haut du sommet de l’Himalaya Sur la lune, à Cuba Mais l’amour fait ce qu’il veut Fait ce qu’il veut de moi L’amour
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