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  1. Hi Fier, and You have come to the right place to find out "more Mika stuff"! I'm sure everyone here will be more than happy to share whatever you'd like to know! And I think we may have some other fans from Indonesia lurking around here, so I hope you can connect with them, too!
  2. Ciao Georgia! πŸ‘‹ it’s great to have you here!
  3. I think Mika is always very intentional about what he does -- I'm sure he thought carefully about what he wanted to say, and wanted to have meaningful links and attractive graphics to go with his post, and that took time. I don't think his post was a reaction to all the backlash. Just my opinion, of course. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
  4. dcdeb

    Marhaba MFC!

    Welcome to the Mika Fan Club, Eman! I don't recall ever seeing anyone from Jordan here, so I'm curious how you came to learn about him! And as others have said, there's lots of reading material here for you!
  5. I understand. I was meant to be in Toronto tonight as well. But there will be better days ahead, I just know it!
  6. Karin, I have changed both of these user names recently. πŸ‘ If anyone else has a change, we would really like to limit that, because as Karin says it's confusing if you've made a lot of posts already, and just want to change on a whim. If, however, you've recently joined and realize you made a mistake in choosing your user name, do let us know!
  7. Hi Lauren! Nice to see you here! I'm in DC -- good to have another fan from USA on board!
  8. We're glad you found us, Tiffany! France has cancelled all large gatherings, including music festivals, until at least mid-July. Mika himself has said that the festival season is basically dead, so I don't think there's much chance of seeing perform this summer. But he said today during his Instagram Live that he has something coming up in America later this year, and also something that would take him to Europe... so we live in hope!
  9. Actually, I think my advice from 6 years ago still makes sense. "This is just a troll who is doing this for fun. The more you let this person know that you're upset by his/her posts, the more they will do it. I don't think they pose any real threat to anyone. The best thing to do is to block and ignore." Report it if you'd like, but Twitter doesn't always respond -- especially if the offending account isn't making death threats or suggesting anything violent -- so I find it better to just block such accounts. I'm pretty sure Mika won't even see these tweets -- and if he does, he's been online long enough to know to ignore them.
  10. This is just wrong. I'll let Mika's team know again about these issues.
  11. Hi @49neve I have contacted our Tech Support people to see what the issue is. We'll let you know when we get a resolution. Thanks.
  12. I do, too. Mika's team hasn't announced it officially, and Mika himself said that the festival season was basically dead this year. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
  13. Exactly. Mika controls his Twitter and Instagram account 99% of the time. Occasionally some of the more "advertisement" type posts might be written by his team, but otherwise, believe me, it's Mika. As for yesterday's post/tweet, I think it may well have been from him, actually. It's not the first time that he's said something like this and upset fans from other countries/groups -- I'm sure it wasn't an intentional thing, it's just that this competition was from Ticketmaster ITALIA, so it's natural that he thinks only Italian fans were involved. I'm not sure why anyone would get upset over that, and try to pit the Italian fans against the French fans or the UK fans or the US fans, etc. Seems like someone just wanted to stir up some drama to me. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
  14. @Paoletta Mika is definitely the one who posts from his Twitter and Instagram accounts 99% of the time. Occasionally, some of the more "advertisement" type posts might be written by his team, but then he posts those himself.
  15. Also, if you're on your computer, if you type a colon : and the first few letters of what you think the emoji is called, a window will pop up with some choices for you. For example, type : shrug (without the space in between) and you'll get a window with a number of emojis to choose from. I'm not sure if this works on smartphones, I can't remember if I've ever tried it there. OK, I'll see what I can find out about a top of page arrow! πŸ‘