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  1. LE COEUR HOLIDAY (French collaboration with Soprano, lyrics by Doriand) We're talking about this song HERE. MIKA : Vois ces rivières / Look at these tears Sous mes yeux / in my eyes Mes prières / My prayers À ces Dieux / to those gods J’ai pas vu d’hiver / Never saw winter D’hiver aussi froid / winter so cold Jamais l’enfer / never saw hell D’aussi bas / from down so low SOPRANO Allez bouge ton corps, à la gauche et à la droite (so move our body on the left and on the right) Allez on se tord, on n’est pas des
  2. Hi, Unfortunately, unless you're in France there's no way to see the rest of the show now. The ticket you bought was for one showing at a specific time. The video is not available now. Although we're all waiting for the possibility of a DVD or digital download release.
  3. Thanks for this, Karin. I feel the same way. This program started as an effort to raise funds, so giving it away for free seems to defeat that purpose, especially if indeed they decide to offer it as a DVD or digital download in the future. Hmm, that's odd that they would be sold out on Mika's own site, but still available -- for preorder -- somewhere else. I'll look into that. You definitely should, Anna. He has a voice like a cello. And he's a wonderful performer. Start with the classic "Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk" -- tha
  4. That's true - 500,000€ combined with nearly 200,000£ on the GoFundMe page... plus we don't know yet what the deal with the VOD people brought in, plus t-shirt sales... I think the grand total will be a very respectable number! I think there are two ways to measure the success of program -- the monetary success, as we have discussed, and then also the artistic success, which I think we all agree on, too. Clearly we all had some sort of emotional response not only to the music, but to the stories of the people affected by the explosion and its aftermath, and that's exactly what I thi
  5. What a show! I've watched it several times now myself -- and a few parts more than others. That reworking of Promiseland?! Amazing. For those who didn't hear, Mika appeared on Twitch TV with Manuelito from X Factor for a few minutes after the first broadcast finished. (Manuelito was hosting his own benefit for Beirut in support of Mika.) I managed to record it: https://youtu.be/UHyWMhyBdTQ
  6. I'm testing out new skills -- I recorded this from my desktop and uploaded it to my OneDrive in the hopes that you could see it. Can you? It's Mika on C a' vous today. https://1drv.ms/v/s!ArEfRa8nYYQEkO8853cgDiEPUyfC4A?e=q4WG3D
  7. If you can usually watch YouTube, then you should be able to see the livestream. When you buy your ticket, you can choose which time zone you'd like to watch. Then an hour before the event begins, you'll get an email with a special YouTube link, and you should be all set!
  8. Thanks, I've fixed the lyrics in my post. I got them from Apple Music, before I saw the lyric video. And I have to say I love the entire song, music and lyrics. I wasn't sure what to expect, but it's already stuck in my head.
  9. It doesn't seem we have the lyrics all written out. Here they are: Got these stitches All over my body I Made decisions I couldn't fix and I Hit rock bottom so many times I ran outta tears in my eyes And I can't keep running No, I won't keep hiding Yeah, it's been decided Pero no es muy tarde Para perdonarme Ahora si aprendi Soy yo, sin ti Me tengo a mi Soy yo y al fin Ya puedo respirar Soy yo, sin ti Me quiero asi Soy yo y al fin No volvere a mirar atras All my friends think I'm a f*cking disaster Keep making mistakes that I'm regrettin' aft
  10. OK, let me know if it happens again. Thanks!
  11. OK, got an answer from Tech Support on this already! "Our apologies for the confusion, we had a small issue with a few sites on our Cloud today which caused the error you are seeing about installing. That error should be resolved, however you and others may have that page cached in your browser now. If you still see the install page, please empty your browser cache and all cookies associated to mikafanclub.com then restart the browser. That should resolve the issue."
  12. Hmm, I ran a small update earlier today, sounds like maybe something isn't quite right. I'll write to Tech Support. Thanks!
  13. These charity t-shirts have just gone online, another way to support Mika in his fundraising for the people of Beirut! On sale now from here. The very special concert will stream on 19th September across 4 time zones, so fans all over the world can tune in to support. Special guests will be announced over the coming days, stay tuned for more…. Tickets are available now from Ticketmaster. The post Charity T-Shirts for Sale! appeared first on Mika Sounds. View the full article
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