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  1. OK, I've had some further communication with Alias and they seem to have somewhat softened their position. They admit that they do not want to control EVERY fan action -- they are most concerned about VERY LARGE fan actions, like the ones in Paris recently. I spoke to them about the fan actions that are planned for Strasbourg, for example, and they said they have no problems with them at all. Their only suggestion was that you might want to distribute the flowers and papers ahead of entering the venue, so that one person isn't carrying in all several hundred of them in one bag. They felt that might be an issue for security. So they have no need to hear from you if you are planning smaller actions that don't involve masses of fans. If a HUGE fan action is planned for a big venue, or if it's something really out of the ordinary beyond small signs or small props, then the promoter (Alias in the case of the French shows) would probably have to get involved. I think we can all breathe a sigh of relief and carry on as before.
  2. I am so excited I can't stand it! In 13 years, this is only the 3rd time Mika has played DC! The Lincoln Theatre is a beautiful venue -- I've seen both Rufus Wainwright and Paolo Nutini here and I think it will be perfect for Mika. Seated, but General Admission, with the iconic Ben's Chili Bowl right next door! Can't wait! PS Yes, we can add GIFs to our posts now! Check out the text box tool bar on the far right!
  3. MIKA has announced that he will be taking the Revelation Tour to Rio de Janeiro at the Circo Voador on Sunday, April 5th! Tickets are on sale now at queremos.com.br !
  4. We've been waiting since last fall for this! The new live album from MIKA, recorded last September during one of his shows in New York City, will be released next week, 31 January 2020! MIKA says: "One of the highlights of last year was returning to New York to play two incredible shows at Brooklyn Steel, and thanks to my team and the incredible Frank Filipetti, the whole concert was recorded. It gives me great pleasure to announce that I am releasing 'MIKA: Live from Brooklyn Steel!" available on 31st January! M x" We'll have more details on where and how to order soon!
  5. On 13th April, Mika will head back to the US for a run of shows, his biggest North American concerts to date! It will kick off with two shows at Coachella, followed by San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Denver, Saint Paul, Chicago, Miami Beach, Nashville, Atlanta, Washington, Philadelphia, New York and Boston! Fan pre-sale starts tomorrow, 22nd January 2020 at 10am (local time) – using the code ‘REVELATION2020.’ All dates and ticket links are in the Shows tab. General sale starts Friday 24th January at 10am, local time. The post Mika Announces North American Tour! appeared first on Mika Sounds. View the full article
  6. I believe the Subtitling Team will be working on it soon!
  7. Well, Anna. I can't control what you do or what any individual does outside of Mika Fan Club. But, believe it or not, the MFC is the official fan club for Mika. He quite literally owns us. So as the official fan club we often have to toe the line and conform to rules or guidelines that random fans don't have to. If the company acting as his promoter at a show gives us guidelines on how to organize a fan action, then we, as the MFC, are obligated to follow them. So... if you want to organize a fan action outside of Mika Fan Club, then great, I can't stop you, as you say. But you can't say that it's a Mika Fan Club fan action and you can't use the MFC to organize or promote it, you'll have to do it on your own. Seriously though. We have only ever had an issue at the December Paris gig, in 13 years this is the only time there's been a problem. So what was different about this gig? Alias has been Mika's promoter for a long time, so it's not them. Mika has done shows at this venue before, so it's not that. Something else must have happened that we aren't fully aware of that created this issue. I think we need to take that into consideration, and plan the upcoming France shows accordingly. I'm quite sure there won't be any issues with shows elsewhere in Europe, Asia, etc.
  8. Yeah, it's the first time in 13 years that we've encountered this sort of thing. I've contacted venues before about proposed fan actions, but it never would have occurred to me to contact the promoter. But now I know. Well, don't judge too harshly. We may not have the whole story. After all, there may have been things going on behind the scenes that we have no knowledge of. In any case, they seem more than willing to work with the fans on projects like this, as long as we play by their rules, so that's the good news. We'll see how it goes in other locations going forward, like Italy... and Asia...
  9. As some of you might be aware, there were some issues with the fan actions at Mika's recent Paris show. The promoter, Alias Production, contacted us just before the gig started to let us know they had heard about the proposed fan actions and they felt the large amount of paper involved would possibly create too much of a mess, causing the venue to charge an additional cleaning fee, which in turn would be passed on to Mika Fan Club -- whether MFC had organized the fan action or not. Security therefore confiscated a lot of the paper that fans were trying to bring in. Mika Fan Club does not have a budget, and I don't think any of us want to have to pay for cleaning up a concert venue! I know that many of you are in the midst of planning a variety of fan actions for Mika's upcoming shows, and that many of them involve "props" or items that could cause litter and other potential problems at the venues. So we have talked to the people at Alias, as they are the promoter at most of the upcoming French shows, asking what sort of guidelines they would like any large-scale fan actions to follow. Obviously these are recommendations from Alias, but they are probably good guidelines that any fan action, large or small, should follow. Fan Action Guidelines: Keep in mind that each venue has its own rules and regulations. Everyone and everything that enters the venue must respect security and safety guidelines, including fire safety regulations. The action should be organized by a serious and respectful group of people with a defined leader. Contact the promoter in advance and explain your idea and project with as much detail as possible. For big shows like Zeniths and Arenas shows, it’s best to reach out at least 4 weeks before the event. The earlier, the better. Having the request come from the legitimate fan club is usually the best option. The promoter will let you know if the project seems realistic and may ask you additional questions depending on your projects: for example, a full technical notice for anything with a lighting source, and paper must respect some fire safety concerns. You remain responsible for the project, financially and logistically. If the project requires some setting up before doors open, keep in mind that you will not usually be able to enter the venue early. If you are let in early, this is not an opportunity for a backstage tour or meeting Mika and the band! It would be strictly for the needs of the project. Some smaller fan actions may not require promoter approval if they don’t require any additional objects, items or logistics. However it’s best to check in beforehand just in case. Remember that even though the fan actions are fun and can really enhance the show experience, the priority remains the show itself. The promoters are happy to help with anything that comes from outside, as long as it does not disturb the setting up of the show and therefore the end result that everyone is waiting for. So, what does this all mean? Well, we ask that anyone organizing fan actions really think about what the side effects of the action will be. Will it create a huge mess of the venue that may require additional cleaning? Does it have the potential to create a fire hazard? Will it interfere with other fans' enjoyment of the show -- for example, will it block their view of their stage? Obviously, the MFC can't control what every single person does, but if you want MFC's help and want to say, "this is a Mika Fan Club approved fan action," then you will need to follow these guidelines. What I mean is, you can't say, "I'm with Mika Fan Club so I'm allowed to do this," because that's not automatically true. I realize that many of you have already made quite a few plans and that all of this may be upsetting, but because we act as Mika's "official" fan club, we want to make sure we have a good relationship with Alias and all the other promoters and venues that Mika works with. I appreciate your understanding, and am sure you will have questions so feel free to ask below or send me or one of the other moderators a private message. Thanks. THANKS TO THE MFC SUBTITLE TEAM we also have this information in Italian and French. ITALIAN Come alcuni di voi forse sanno, ci sono stati alcuni problemi con le azioni organizzate dai fan durante l’ultimo spettacolo di Mika a Parigi. Il produttore, Alias Production, ci ha contattato poco prima che il concerto iniziasse per farci sapere che avevano sentito parlare delle fan action proposte e che ritenevano che la grande quantità di carta utilizzata avrebbe creato troppi rifiuti, obbligando la sala a pagare un costo di pulizia supplementare, che sarebbe stato addebitato al Mika Fan Club, che fosse stato MFC ad organizzare le azioni oppure no. La sicurezza ha quindi confiscato gran parte dei fogli che i fan cercando di portare all’interno. Il Mika Fan Club non ha un budget e credo che nessuno di noi voglia pagare per la pulizia di una sala da concerto! So che molti di voi stanno pianificando una serie di azioni per i prossimi spettacoli di Mika, e che molte di queste implicano l’utilizzo di oggetti che potrebbero causare rifiuti e altri potenziali problemi alle sale. Abbiamo quindi parlato con le persone di Alias, in quanto sono i promotori della maggior parte dei prossimi spettacoli francesi, chiedendo che tipo di linee guida vorrebbero fossero seguite per fan action su larga scala. Ovviamente queste sono raccomandazioni di Alias, ma probabilmente sono buone linee guida che qualsiasi azione, grande o piccola, dovrebbe seguire. Linee guida: Considerate che ogni sede ha un proprio regolamento. Tutti e tutto ciò che entra deve rispettare le norme di sicurezza, comprese quelle sulla sicurezza antincendio. L'azione dovrebbe essere organizzata da un gruppo di persone serio e rispettoso con un leader definito. Contattate in anticipo il promotore e spiegate la vostra idea o il vostro progetto con quanti più dettagli possibile. Per grandi spettacoli come Zenith e arene, è bene contattarli almeno 4 settimane prima dell'evento. Prima è, meglio è. Di solito l’opzione migliore è quella di una richiesta proveniente dal fan club ufficiale. Il promotore vi farà sapere se il progetto sembra realistico e potrebbe fare domande aggiuntive a seconda del progetto: ad esempio, una scheda tecnica completa per qualsiasi oggetto abbia una fonte di illuminazione, e la carta deve soddisfare requisiti legati alle norme di prevenzione degli incendi. Rimarrete principali responsabili del progetto, finanziariamente e logisticamente. Se il progetto richiede di essere preparato sul posto prima dell’apertura delle porte, tenete presente che solitamente non sarà possibile accedere alla sala in anticipo. In caso ciò accada, questo non darà in alcun modo diritto ad un tour nei backstage o ad incontrare Mika e la sua band! Sarà strettamente legato alla realizzazione del progetto stesso. Alcune azioni più contenute potrebbero non richiedere l'approvazione del promotore se non necessitano oggetti o questioni logistiche aggiuntivi. Tuttavia, è sempre meglio verificare in anticipo, per essere sicuri. Ricordate che anche se le fan action sono divertenti e possono davvero migliorare l'esperienza dello spettacolo, la priorità rimane lo spettacolo stesso. I promotori sono felici di aiutare con tutto ciò che proviene dall'esterno, purché ciò non disturbi l’organizzazione dello spettacolo e quindi il risultato finale che tutti si aspettano. Quindi, cosa significa tutto questo? Bene, chiediamo a chiunque organizzi fan action di pensare concretamente agli effetti collaterali delle azioni stesse. Possono creare una grande quantità di spazzatura che richieda costi di pulizia aggiuntivi? Possono aumentare il rischio d’incendio? Creerà disturbo agli altri spettatori – per esempio, impedirà loro la vista del palco? Ovviamente, MFC non può controllare ciò che fa ogni singola persona, ma se volete l'aiuto di MFC e poter dire "questa è un'azione approvata dal Mika Fan Club", allora dovete seguire queste linee guida. Quello che voglio dire è che non potete dire "Sono con il Mika Fan Club, quindi mi è permesso farlo" perché non è automaticamente vero. Mi rendo conto che molti di voi hanno già pianificato alcune e che tutto ciò può essere sconvolgente, ma poiché agiamo come fan club "ufficiale" di Mika, vogliamo assicurarci di avere un buon rapporto con Alias e tutti gli altri promotori e luoghi con cui Mika lavora. Apprezzo la vostra comprensione e sono sicura che avrete delle domande, quindi sentitevi liberi di porle qui sotto di inviare a me o ad uno degli altri moderatori un messaggio privato. Grazie. FRENCH Comme certains d'entre vous savent peut-être, il y a eu des problèmes avec les « actions des fans » lors du récent spectacle de Mika à Paris. Le promoteur, Alias Production, nous a contacté juste avant le début du concert pour nous dire qu’ils étaient au courant des actions proposées par les fans et qu’ils estimaient que la grande quantité de papier utilisé pouvait créer trop de gâchis. Cela aurait obligé l’Arena à facturer des frais de nettoyage supplémentaires, qui à leur tour seraient transférés au Mika Fan Club - que le MFC ait organisé les actions ou pas. La sécurité a donc confisqué une grande partie des papiers que les fans essayaient d’introduire. Le Mika Fan Club n'a pas de budget et je pense qu'aucun d'entre nous ne veut payer pour nettoyer une salle de concert! Je sais que beaucoup d'entre vous sont en train d’organiser plusieurs actions pour les prochains spectacles de Mika, et que beaucoup d'entre eux impliquent des "accessoires" ou des objets qui pourraient causer problèmes potentiels dans les salles. Nous avons donc parlé aux gens d'Alias, car ils sont les promoteurs de la plupart des spectacles français à venir, pour leur demander quel type de directives ils aimeraient que les actions des fans à grande échelle suivent. Évidemment, ce sont des recommandations d'Alias, mais ce sont probablement des bonnes directives que toute action, grande ou petite, devrait suivre. Lignes directrices: Gardez à l'esprit que chaque site a ses propres règles et règlements. Tout le monde et tout ce qui entre sur le site doit respecter les directives de sécurité et de sûreté, y compris les règles de sécurité incendie. L'action doit être organisée par un groupe de personnes sérieux et respectueux avec un leader défini. Contactez le promoteur à l'avance et expliquez votre idée et votre projet avec autant de détails que possible. Pour les grands spectacles comme ceux dans Zeniths et Arenas, il est préférable de prendre contact au moins 4 semaines avant l'événement. Le plus tôt est le mieux. La meilleure option est généralement une demande provenant du fan club officiel. Le promoteur vous fera savoir si le projet semble réaliste et pourra vous poser des questions supplémentaires en fonction de vos projets: par exemple, un avis technique complet pour tout ce qui a une source d'éclairage, et tout papier doit respecter certaines règles liés au risque incendie. Vous restez responsable du projet, financièrement et logistiquement. Si le projet nécessite une mise en place avant l'ouverture des portes, gardez à l'esprit que vous ne pourrez généralement pas entrer à l’avance. Si vous êtes admis avant l’ouverture des portes, ceci ne vous donnera pas occasion de faire un tour dans les coulisses ou de rencontrer Mika et son groupe ! Ce serait strictement pour la réalisation du projet. Certaines actions plus contenues peuvent ne pas nécessiter l'approbation du promoteur si elles ne nécessitent pas d'objets ou de logistique supplémentaires. Cependant, il est préférable de s’informer à l'avance au cas où. N'oubliez pas que même si les actions des fans sont amusantes et peuvent vraiment améliorer l'expérience du spectacle, la priorité reste le spectacle lui-même. Les promoteurs sont heureux d'aider avec tout ce qui vient de l'extérieur, tant que cela ne perturbe pas la mise en place du spectacle et donc le résultat final que tout le monde attend. Alors, qu'est-ce que tout cela veut dire ? Eh bien, nous demandons à quiconque organise des actions de fans de réfléchir vraiment aux effets secondaires. Créeront-elles une grande quantité de gâchis qui pourrait nécessiter un nettoyage supplémentaire ? Peuvent-elles créer un potentiel risque en matière d’incendie ? Peuvent-elles gêner les autres spectateurs – par exemple bloqueront-elles leur vision de la scène ? Evidemment, le MFC ne peut pas contrôler ce que fait chaque personne, mais si vous voulez l'aide du MFC et que vous voulez dire, "cela est une action de fan approuvée par le Mika Fan Club", alors vous devrez suivre ces directives. Ce que je veux dire, c'est que vous ne pouvez pas dire "Je suis avec le Mika Fan Club, donc je suis autorisé à le faire" parce que ce n'est pas automatiquement vrai. Je me rends compte que beaucoup d'entre vous ont déjà fait pas mal de plans et que tout cela peut être bouleversant, mais parce que nous agissons en tant que fan club "officiel" de Mika, nous voulons nous assurer d'avoir de bonnes relations avec Alias et tous les autres les promoteurs et salles avec lesquels Mika travaille. J'apprécie votre compréhension et je suis sûre que vous aurez des questions, donc n'hésitez pas à les poser ci-dessous ou à envoyer un message privé à moi ou à l'un des autres modérateurs. Merci
  10. Mika announced it himself several weeks ago, @Elena Drozdova -- they just haven't updated the website yet. There are several shows missing now.
  11. You don't buy the tickets through the fan club. Tickets are on sale at mikasounds.com/shows Click on the link to the show you want tickets for, and it will take you to the appropriate site. If you're buying tickets for the Canada shows in tomorrow's presale, you'll need the presale code REVELATION2020.
  12. I will certainly mention it, but like you I'm not sure how those sales would count for overall record sales. However, also I think @mariafrancy makes a lot of good points. The industry has changed so much, I think it's even more important than ever for us to stream Mika's music on Spotify, Deezer, Apple+, etc. It seems that artists who are streamed more often are also more often in the public's eye and mind, so perhaps we should focus our attention on doing more of that. We should buy the CD or the record, of course, but when we listen, we should try to stream as much as possible. I know that's what I've been doing. Another thing that I think has affected sales for this album is that there was not one particular single that was pushed as THE single. It seems so often that album sales are tied to the popularity of a hot single, and MNIMH didn't really have that. I'm not complaining, though -- just making an observation.
  13. Hi @Eric Yu! Welcome -- or welcome back, as the case may be! Thanks for sharing your video and your experience. Sorry you had some negative experiences, but you know, not all the fans in the queue were from Mika Fan Club, so the offenders may not see this. Wish I could say that everyone always had the best manners, but of course that's not the case... especially not where Mika is concerned. Not sure if you've had the chance to look through this thread, but I know I saw some pics of Mika with the pride flag at this show -- if not here, then on Instagram. Perhaps some folks will link to them for you. Now we all just wait for the next UK gig... or gigs!
  14. I don't know of anything yet, but please take a look at my comments on fan actions from the Strasbourg thread here before planning anything:
  15. I know, we can't really control what anyone does -- It's just that we want to avoid the appearance that something was organized by the MFC. I don't want anyone to be able to come back to me and say that we're responsible for a mess. As the one fan site that Mika supports -- technically he owns us, after all -- I don't want anything to reflect badly on him... or on us! Exactly, there are other groups organizing fan actions all the time. I think it's because we're the biggest group, it makes us the most recognizable. And this has only happened one time, at a French gig. I'm hopeful that it won't be something that will carry over to other shows. I would be very sad if we couldn't support any fan actions in the future. I hope to have the matter resolved this coming week, once everyone on the team gets back from their holidays. I'll post an update here as soon as possible!