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  1. I didn't spend a lot of time in the old Butterfly Lounge threads... but I remember them well! I'll bring my old beanbag in and hang out for a bit now, if you don't mind!
  2. Hey everybody, I've been told that the way we have our login set now poses a security issue and that we should change it. I wanted to give you a warning before I made the changes. Currently, when you login, you can use either your display name (for me that would "dcdeb") or your email address, plus your password. Apparently allowing the use of display names is the problem. According to the warning issued by our Tech Support people, "display names are public information and malicious users may attempt to login to multiple accounts with common passwords until they find an account for which the passwords work." I've been told that I should change the process so that you can only login with your email address plus your password. I'll make the change over the weekend, so that starting Monday, if you need to log in, you will only be able to by using your email address plus your password. Any questions? Feel free to ask me here!
  3. @Kumazzz Eriko, it's not that the post was too long. Somehow when you were cutting and pasting you lost some of the HTML code, so it wasn't displaying on the page properly. I took out the embedded tweet and fixed the code, so the post looks OK now. Thanks!
  4. Yes, I think so, too. I saw an Insta post of Bella Hadid picking out jewelry with Chopard for the night. I posted a few other Insta stories from around the web as well. I cannot believe it cost 12,000 Euro per person to attend! UOLQ5057[1].MP4
  5. Welcome to Mika Fan Club! We're all hoping for new music soon, and waiting for concerts to resume! In the meantime, hope you have some fun hanging out here!
  6. I wanted to share a few rather significant pieces of news from the US that are closing out Pride Month in a big way. First, US State Department has announced they will allow non-binary Americans to obtain a passport that accurately reflects their gender identity and ease the process for trans and other Americans in updating gender markers.
  7. Wow! I'm so happy to know that at least two MFCers will be at this private gig! How exciting for you! Hope that you'll also have the chance to have a little chat with Mika as well! You might as well dream big, right?!
  8. No, I can't leave that field blank - there has to be something, some word in there. I've changed it to just "Title" now until we can think of something more appropriate. I'll get out my thesaurus!
  9. Yes, the MEMBERS status is the "group" that you belong to -- that denotes what permissions your account has on the forum. For example, you can read, post, make status updates, etc. You'll see that under my name it says "Administrators" -- that's my "group", which has additional permissions, such as moderating posts, running software upgrades, changing the forum theme, etc. So you're right, you can't change the group you're in. But the member title at the bottom there -- that you should be able to change. And I can change the phrase "Member Title" if you'd like. I can shorten it to just "Title" or we could use the word "Rank" or something else. (I think Member Title looks a bit strange, so please suggest alternatives!)
  10. OK, I'll turn off the achievements/ranks thing, but good news! I found out how to restore Member Titles! If you look on your profile settings and scroll all the way down, you'll see the old title you used to have before the upgrade, and you should also be able to modify those titles. I'm very happy to have my Mama Mod title back! Let me know what you think and if it's working properly for you!
  11. OK, it sounds like you're right, then. It's a new one on me. If anyone knows more about it, I'll be curious to hear.
  12. Hi, @rage.shame.mess and Actually, I don't think Gave It All Away was ever on any CD, not even a promo. I have six or seven different versions of Life in Cartoon Motion and it's not on any of them. There is a demo of the song floating around the internet somewhere, and the group Boyzone recorded it years ago. Mika even joined them in singing it once. (see below) But I'm nearly 100% certain it was never recorded and put on a Life in Cartoon Motion CD. I could be wrong, and would be interested in learning more about the promo CD, too, if it does exist.
  13. Yes, I found out that I could "rebuild" the rankings -- it took several days to complete the process. But as you say, we can't change our ranking to say whatever we want. So maybe it wasn't worth the effort. I have to figure out the blue rocket thing... that I may be able to change. But I may just turn the whole "Achievements" thing off, as more trouble than its worth.
  14. I hadn't heard that, but that's entirely possible!
  15. @Thomasbelgium Il devrait être sur les réseaux sociaux d'Indeed pendant au moins 24 heures. Nous publierons des liens dès que nous les aurons ! It should be on Indeed's socials for at least 24 hours. We'll post links as soon as we have them!
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