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  1. somebody knows if Mika's going to come to barcelonaaaaa???????? and tehre is any one from spain in here? here he isn't famous, but i hope in the future he will! pleaase, answer if u know kissss!
  2. yeah, he's magic how can one song get me so happy?
  3. i'm from Barcelona, Mika's not very famous here, but i hope someday he will visit usss! i've told my friends about him, and every day more spanish people know him in my city will you comeeee? love u ~
  4. hii everybody! i discovered Mika few days ago, here in Spain he isn't famous... but when I saw his cip on the MTV..ooooh, i fell in love! he's so perfect! really, he seems like Freddie, the GOD! i wonder if he's gonna come here some day, I WIIIIISH IT SOO MUCH! well, great site kiss!
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