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    Hi My name is Nene and I am a Mika fan believe it or not. Actually I have nevr been interested at all in pop music (apart from when I was a teenager: music from the seventies) (and 40', 50's 60's as well), but funnily enough I listened to the radio and heard his voice and thought, gee, that is a really nice person and when hearing it again and again I became to really like the song. Then I thought, well, it might just be a real creap or something, but then when I saw him on the BBC performance thing in Maida Vale, jee. It is such a joy to see someone like that, and I really hope he will succeed. Well, he is succeeding right now! I can imagine this to be very overwhelming for him. I hope he can stay rooted and himself, not to let the industry overwhelm him and do concerts every night (large amount of drugs (very tiring and killing your Self), but just listens inside to wat he wants. I read the biography of Miles Davis, by John Schzwat (or something like that) (WONDERFUL book)and and apparently Miles only made records when he wanted to, when he had something to say or something innovative to contribute, not when the industry wanted him to come up with something again so he'd be repeating himself over and ove to make money. I think that is so interesting and genuine. Anway, came to mind. I also like that Mika comes accross so natural and fun, and doesn't have to wear 500 hundered earings all over the place etc, or has to behave super camp or rough, but is naturally sparkling and original, genuinely interesting already if you know what I mean.
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