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  1. hi! how r u?

    what r u doing with ur school?r u a student or...

  2. hey do you know the australian represntive for the mika fan club her name is tegan and i need to thank her for something

  3. yo im a fan of mika

  4. that is a ccccuuuutttteeee picher of mika

  5. I haven't been on this for a while, and the reason why is because, well, I'm not or should I say wasn't as obsessed with Mika as I used to be. My daily visits to Mika Fan Club gradually dwindled, and I even stopped listening to Life In Cartoon Motion. But then I watched Mika at Glastonbury. And I <3 him again. What a brilliant performance he gave, and I loved the huge inflatable Big Girl and Lollipop Girl!!! And I saw people waving the 'Mika Fan Club' flags near the front of the crowd too- who was it that went to see Mika at Glastonbury???
  6. To tell you the truth, I kind of freaked out a little when I heard Mika's friend Rafa talking on 'Any Other World'. I just expected to hear Mika's voice, so was a little taken aback when I heard "Same day..." (I think it's those words!?!) Still a great song, and his friend adds a really personal touch to the song!!!
  7. Thank you Mrs Penniman!!! *Hahaha, I think Mrs Penniman may be a little freaked out if she ever did read this!!!*
  8. Wikipedia is fab for Mika information!!!
  9. Hey, did anyone see Mika on Graham Norton on Thursday or the CoolDown Version on Sunday?!? He was so cute on it- his laugh is adorable. He explained about the Grace kelly practical joke someone played on him, claiming that he wasn't allowed into Monaco (think it was that) because the words "I tried to be like Grace Kelly , but all of her looks were too sad" were offensive!!! Then he sang 'Love Today' with his band, and Chew Chew the Monkey, and expalined that Chew Chew was taking the place of Martin Waugh, who's just had a baby (not him, obviously!!!) He seems really funny, and cute, but obviously we all knew that anyway!!! Sorry if this has already been posted!!! Hahaha *laughing at smilies*
  10. Hey just thought I'd let you know that Mika was in last week's Heat Magazine (article about how Simon Cowell rejected him in his early days) - 2 pages, and a picture of him in the CD review (can't remember what CD it was- a compilation one I think). Just thought I'd let you know because sometimes, back issues are available from newsagents. The pictures are great ones too. :)
  11. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD, as it's more commonly known is where the sufferer is obsessed about things- they can range from washing their hands to everything in their house is locked several times before going out. It can take over your life. For OCD sufferers, they have to carry out rituals (as I just mentioned), and if they don't, they become overwhelmed with fear that something bad is about to happen. It's a really horrible thing to have to deal with, it literally takes over your life. I read about one person who washed their hands 600 times a day, until their hands became blistered and red raw. The usual 'cure' is CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), but sometimes people can just grow out of it. Hope this helps.. any more questions just ask the expert...hahaha :)
  12. What a complete loser with a capital 'L'!!! She should be sacked from her job. I mean, ok, everyone's entitled to their opinion, but she should focus on the good points (Lots) rather than the bad points (very few). What a pathetic review by an even more pathetic reviewer!!!
  13. Hey everyone, I was watching Popworld last Saturday (14.04.07) when I'm sure I heard Alexa Cheung (one of the presenters, for those of you who don't know) saying that Mika will be on next week. She said it so quick that I thought well maybe I'm hearing things because he was only on it last week. However, that was only the video for 'Love Today'. Does anyone else know if he's definitely going to be on Popworld this Saturday, if so please let me know. Thanks in advance x
  14. I heard this too, but I read that he turned them down because he's too big for them. However, this is probably, well almost certainly, just a rumour because I don't think Mika would say that. Of courst, he is better than Take That though!!!
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