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  1. A C C U R A T E F A C T : MIKA wrote songs with Boy George during June 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D I S C U S S !!
  2. Hello! I missed the following and wonder whether anybody has taped the following programmes on MIKA in PERFECT and COMPLETE conditions: Ciao! Ho perso i seguenti programmi e mi chidevo se qualcuno era riuscito a registrarli in condizioni PERFETTE e COMPLETE : MIKA ON LIVE broadcast on ALL MUSIC on May 7, 2007 - Concert and backstage at ALCATRAZ, Milano. I CONCERTI DI RADIO 2 : MIKA IN CONCERTO - aired on Radio 2 on June 23, 2007 - Concert given at ALCATRAZ, Milano. Please contact me at asadefan@aol.com if you have a copy and we can trade MIKA stuff and hopefully become friends! Adriano Per piacere contattatemi a asadefan@aol.com se disponete di una copia e cosi' possiamo fare uno scambio e spero anche diventare amici! Adriano
  3. Hi, this is Adriano and I live in the north of Italy and have discovered MIKA the week after the album was released in the UK, ahead of its Italian release in March, and of course I have missed already a lot of RADIO and TV performances since the UK was way ahead of Italy! Sanremo was his first Italian appearance. I would think a good idea if we could open a page on the forum for fans to post a list of radio/tv recordings they have managed to tape for themselves so that we could trade items from different countries and maybe someone that knows about computers (not me for sure!) could also make those recordings available to play on this site. WHAT DO YOU THINK???????????????? Also want to start a petition for LIFE IN CARTOON MOTION to be released on vinyl so that we can enlarge those BEAUTIFUL graphics and artwork!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why not start a petition uh? Big CIAO from Italy and me!
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