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  1. he he lol anyways its good to hear what people think and its turned into a really interesting discusion. but unfortuneately i ahve to go now, my parents are moaning at me for being on the laptop for so. anyway,im looking forward to reading other replies to this tomorrow and everyone have a good night!!! bye xXx
  2. Same here lol!!! well i wont push her off stage but i would walk away a little disappointed. lol. no offence. yeah, you have got a clearly valid and yet aother good point there about him singing to someone on stage. lol. its fun and good talking to you and discussing things withy you.
  3. yeah, you put it in a different perspective??!?!? i find it easy to see situations or opinions in of course my own opinion or emotion as well as others. thanks for your insight, im glad that one of my threads has actually turned into a good and interesting discussion, most of the time i only get a few replies and thats it. this thread is really taking off. lol.
  4. Arrrrrrr right, i get it now. yeah i love the royal symphony band. yeah it does give more *punch* to the song, you are right. cool i find it really intersting ot hear other peoples opinions cool thanks for letting me know about things to come and maybe some more. lol. i love his outfits!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. He He lol that made me laugh. thanks for the information!
  6. Ok. yeah i guess it is kinda like that. yeah i dont really like change but again im not aginst her. i dont think shes an intruder. by the way Saraynade if you are reading this thread, i dont hate you, i simply wait to see you perform live at one of Mikas concerts so i can love your singing and also your greatness. Btw whats Rsb (is that a stupid question)
  7. Yes basically!!! yay someone who kinda understand. no offence ot everyone else. beleive me i do take in and understand what you are all trying to say. i really do hope people hate men for strating this thread?!?!?!?!
  8. ok thanks for letting me know, no i never seen the thread. but its quite awkrawd and difficult to explain how i feel. i dont know whetehr anyelse understands, but ive never see her perform at a gig, but i am going to a Mika concert on 22nd November and hope to see her perform so i can like her. if oyu know what i mean? seriously people i dont want anyone to say they hate her and all that, becasue i dont i just basically wanna know why he has a backup singer? i mean i kinda do like her, and she soudns great but i think if io seen her perform live or even met her it would help. Thanks Avoca for letting me know when she performs with which songs ( like you said when shes required, which kinda means not every song?) lol
  9. Ok, again i dont mean to be harsh ort horrible, i understnad what your sayinga nd yeah she is pretty good but i just dont understand why Mika even needs a backup singer. By the way Hi Norwalk, its been ages since we have spoken. are you ok then? do you celebrate halloween in America? (not meaning to change the subject but we havent spoken in ages) he he lol dont worry, neither am i, but i managed to write all this out (the thread above) cuz its something that i truly beleive and think. lol. dont hate me for starting this thread!!!!!!
  10. oh right, ok i really dont mean to be harsh or horrible to mika or saranyade at all, she was quite a good singer though i must admit but i just prefer mika by himself. do you know whether she isngs with Mika in all of his songs at his gigs or just a few? (im asking a lot of questions about her, so maybe ill be able to grow to like her, if you know what i mean?)
  11. Do you feel the same about his performance at EMAs or what do you think of that performance?
  12. Ok thanks, but whos that? (no offence)
  13. Ok, i think Mika is the greatest ever, no words can describe his uniqueness and greatness, but i want to know why at his gigs and performances( ie MTV EMAs) he his performing with a backup singer. he doesnt need another singer on stage backing his singing up! who was the woman with blue hair who he peformed with at the EMAs and whos the woman in the kinda ra-ra girl outfit at his concerts (i have seen her in some gig photos)? Also, at the EMAs i think that his performance was absolutely astonishing and admirable (is that a word?), like he himself and his band gave an amazing peformance, but i didnt understand why he had the massive puppet(that was also great, i loved it) and the dancers in the masks and stripy jumpsuits and the half naked woman dancing around and the woman with the blue hair. personally i dont think that he needed all of this and i dont think that this was Mika at all or it wasnt one of the best performances! Sorry, i just needed a little moment and rant, and to see if other people felt the same or could help answer my questions. i mean sure enough im a massive fan of Mika, but i dont have to love everthing he does, do i? i know this is long but i needed to get it off my chest. Mika is you read this i would like to let you know that just because you didnt win any awards doesnt mean your not great, you do have the most addictive track of the year and you are the greatest solo artist of the year as well, you dont need an award to prove that your the greatest person and musician ever invented in the history of music, you still have all of your fans that will stick with you throughout your entire career and beyond (lol) and dont forget you are constanty gaining new fans!!!!!! (please tell me if im being harsh or horrible, its just how i feel)
  14. cool, thanks for letting us know, i shall be watching. it is airing on mtv in the uk, right????????
  15. cool, yeah i guess! i thoughbt id just tell people just in case, but i dont think that many people ahve virgin media or just arent interested in this thread. lol. but hey i tried!!! he he lol
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