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  1. yeah, big girl was my first choice, guess I think I might do that. keep the comments comming!!! I'll defenatly get u guys a vid.
  2. Hi, I'm still @ skool( ) and there's going 2 be a musical competition() , i'm, of course, going 2 sing one of Mika's:thumb_yello: songs and who could I better ask then Mika fans! I just have 1 problem, dunno wich one to chose, so if u would like 2 help me choose, I'd appreciate big time, thanxxx... P.S. unfortunatly I can't get as high as Mika can so please consider that 4 u're answer, although I'd love 2 be able to get as high as Mika. one more thanxxx, can't wait 4 results!!!
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