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  1. Natie have a safe trip, we'll see you there in the AM!!!!
  2. My friend was supposed to come with me to the boston show on 06/13/07 and is now in the hospital, so there's a 99% chance that she won't be coming. Just wondering if anyone wanted to purchase the ticket at the concert so that she could recoupe some of her $$$ loss???
  3. We'll definitely be coming to the avalon after our flight arrives at 10:30am can't wait to see you fellow Canadians there. Does anyone want know about the camera policy?? are they allowed etc. Thanks, yay 2 day!!!!
  4. Natie you got your tickets, tres bien! Je regret I don't remember much francais from ecole. lol but i tried.
  5. yay i got my tickets in the mail today!!!!!
  6. i'll bring my cd as well, i guess i'll buy my kids each one as well, and hopefully we'll get lucky! no i didn't meet him in toronto, i had to get back home so the babysitter could leave. by the way if the photo on your my space page is you, your avatar on this site looks just like you.
  7. natie, i definitely want to meet you there. my flight comes in at 10:30 and i'm coming straight there.
  8. did you go the montreal gig in march? i went to the one in toronto and couldn't wait until he came around again. that's why i'm flying to boston.
  9. yeah we should definitely meet up. which hotel are you staying at?
  10. hey, i think i'm going to stay at the howard johnson fenway park, it's 0.1 mile from the avalon.
  11. i'm coming with my 2 kids, we're flying in on the day of and leaving the next.
  12. Is anyone else out there really annoyed that Mika's website doesn't post the concerts until after they're sold out? I hate having to keep check ticketmaster. And I'm scared that I'll find out after they're all sold out and have to buy them on ebay etc. That's what happend for the Toronto concert, I ended buying my tix on ebay for $150.00 for 2 tix when it should of cost me $30.00. I'd rather have put that money in Mikas pocket!
  13. hey there, does anyone done the particulars for the boston show, price of tix and is it all ages etc? thanks
  14. hey i was just looking online at the cd that was released in the US, it has the song satellite on it and was wondering if there's anywhere online that it's been released or can anyone tell me about it? thanks
  15. I just wanted to share something random, not sure if this has been mentioned before. Has anyone noticed that in the Grace Kelly video Mika is actually wearing a belt!?!?!?
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