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  1. Heyy :) Just saw your signature and it made me laugh to death xD .. R u Arabic ?!

  2. anyhow my girls. I'm off. going eating. I'll try and come back. but who knows... but please tell everyone: I love all the girls soooo much. And that I miss the ALOT!! and also, tell them that Shelby says: I love you all to death. Love you girls *mwaaaah* have a good evening bye
  3. yeah I know! I don't have it either in my town. but when I'm in bigger cities - Like Stockholm and Gothenburg I always go check what they have nice to have an aunt in England thanks for forgiving me yes....
  4. good oh it rained here alot too today. ALOT! and I was on my bike loool
  5. Kaviiii my luviiii *huggles* how are you??
  6. good luck my dear. hope you find some. don't know if you've got Top Shop where you live (I don't ) but they always have coloured jeans No no, I do! but honestly... it's kind of insignificant for me... (sorry). don't know why, but the rush of it all is gone. and there's so much going on right now, and I know that there will be even more things going on in november, so it's not my top priority. (sorry ) I hope I don't seem lika a "bad" fan now. but you know, I was almost forgetting my life for a while. I've got to live my life. And yes it would be most wonderful to be able to see him live. but I don't think that's gonna happen, and I don't care that much. I won't beat myself up for it. And then my economy isn't that good. and yes the ticket to the gig isn't that expensive at all, but there's a matter of traintickets and possibly also living expenses. Again, sorry. I still do love Mika.
  7. oh... I see. well the dress is very lovely, and you look beautiful in it they're nice jeans. oh you didn't find any sucks. pink ones loool the gig is 9th of november. the problem is not that I haven't got any friends that like Mika. but I don't think I'll get there...
  8. well, clean up my room. and reading and just random stuff to do... wooooh, sounds like fun. did you by any chance get coloured jeans ?? oh, I don't know... we'll see. if it works out.
  9. I'm okay... a little bit bored too, but I've got tons of things to do I just don't feel like doing them. what have you been up to this week?
  10. hahaha. eller så blir hon bara freaked out. hahah en stranger nejmen, hon vet om er MFCtjejer mm, ni har rätt. jag ska kämpa. men vi får se ur det blir. hahaha som att det kommer funka betyg har inget med saken att göra
  11. bye luv *hugs* thank you. ah!! can't believe I'm missing you C! anyway, take care luv. see you *huggles* *mwaah*
  12. girls, time for me to go to bed. Love you ladies *kissus* see you later *mwaaah* good night
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