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  1. YAY! SOCIALLY ACCEPTED! Lmaoo... Mika really needs to come over here. He doesn't realize how much we need him! Lets kidnap him and bring him over here!
  2. afazza

    Licm Dvd.

    I have no idea! But it was on a myspace bulletin. I was just randomly browsing, so I thought I'd post it on here. Either way I need it!
  3. afazza

    Licm Dvd.

    And I Quote: "Hey guys You are probably already aware of this little event but on 12th November MIKA will be releasing his first DVD Live In Cartoon Motion. The DVD covers a live MIKA performance in Paris in front of 4000 fans at the world renowned L'Olympia venue. The gig was shot in high definition, using 10 cameras with 5.1 surround sound by Matt Askem. Matt Askem has previously worked with Muse, Paul Weller, Lenny Kravitz and David Bowie. The DVD includes 13 tracks as below as well as 52 minutes of a previously unseen documentary that captures MIKA's antics around the world over the last year. Track List: 1. Relax, Take It easy 2. Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) 3. My Interpretation 4. Billy Brown 5. Any Other World 6. Stuck In The MIddle 7. Ring Ring 8. Sweet Dreams 9. Holy Johnny 10. Happy Ending 11. I Want You Back 12. Love Today 13. Lollipop Love MIKA Sounds" Better be sending these to Australia! And bonus with the Holy Johnny, Sweet Dreams and I Want You Back! I know what I want for Christmas! for trailer. Hope it works lmao. (Oh and sorry if it's old news. I was just browsing Myspace.)
  4. Grrr. It annoys me. People only sing those three songs, and nothing else. Why do I have to live so far away from Mika?
  5. I was watching [V] the other day and Happy Ending was on! Argh. I still haven't seen Big Girl yet. But the movie clip looked so much better on TV... Big Girl came out before Happy Ending right? Only Grace Kelly, Love Today and Happy Ending play on the radio. Why hasn't Big Girl come out over here yet? Confusing. Just thought I'd let you know that.
  6. Haha I didn't realize! I need to watch it again...
  7. Just curious, how many Mika concerts you guys have been to? Lucky people. I haven't even seen him once. He really needs to come to Perth. Just wondering.
  8. Hey, I was just watching the Take 40 Mika concert, (in Australia?) on MTV, and I saw the Mika Fan Club poster in one of the shots of the audience. Just wondering who was holding it? Good for you. Sorry if I am a bit slow with things like this. But it made me feel happy that it was there.
  9. No idea. Just wondering about the next ones coming up. Its about time he won an award. He's just awesome. But we all know that lol.
  10. If Mika had won an award at the Music Awards, which one would he win? I think he would win... Most Outstanding Album... something like that, lol. I want to see him at the Music Awards... Just another random thought. Are music awards Grammy's?
  11. They are a lot different then LICM. Like... sadder/slower/more emotional. Hm.
  12. I just googled some stuff. Probably already been posted but... you know. I'm a bit slow with stuff. 1. Mika - Everybody's Talkin' (2:19) 2. Mika - Hips Don't Lie (2:38) 3. Mika - I'm Falling (2:06) 4. Mika - Instant Martyr (2:19) 5. Mika - Intoxicated (3:07) 6. Mika - Loverboy (2:21) 7. Mika - Overrated (2:48) 8. Mika - Sally (5:45) 9. Mika - Same Jeans (2:47) 10. Mika - The Only Lonely One (4:04) 11. Mika - You Made Me (4:11) Anyone know anything interesting about thse songs they want to share? I have only heard 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10. Is he releasing another album? I hope its next year. Or this year. Doesn't bother me!
  13. Big Girls still hasn't come out in Australia. We wont be seeing Happy Ending for another 4 months. Poop. >=(
  14. *Evil Laugh* I was just satisfying my own curiosity! >=] Sorry!