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  1. but their dress sense have nothing in common! hello everyone!!
  2. yayy i love you my rainbow radio!! i'm going to put that on my signature, and take my water gun everywhere param paraaaaparara (bond girls music) o btw those painting scenes are so great:roftl: :roftl: you rock!
  3. i'm dogging all the long....yap, just had a very wild weekend lol but actually i think i'm going to bed now just remembered i have to wake up early tomorrow so good night! good night that rad freak!! good night monshi! hope to get in here soon again:bleh:
  4. i'm very good monshi thanks, im on holidays yeahh!! how are you? i'm so jealous of people who live in england ya, they can accidentally find mika at the supermarket or the tube or at a restaurant!!
  5. hey girls! what's up tonight? any good thing lately?
  6. my rainbow radio!! theres a long time i dont come in my second home (here) but...i'm out in the world all the time defending mika at the first sign of someone ataching him, so...can i be a bond girl?i even have a water gun
  7. thanks a lot violet_sky its all in my mp4 now!!
  8. i know! this thread is always so quick i feel dumb when i post!
  9. oh thank you:bleh: it's ok if you cant find it, but if you do, send it to me personally ok? because i have to have dinner now talk to you later girls, gret to get in mika world again kisses!
  10. yes!! that one work!! yes! i'm listening to your amazing voice right now!
  11. noooo no more zSHARE!! i cant download it lol!! and i really wanted to listen to you in spanish:sad:
  12. how can you not? they are great! i love their videoclips as well lol! they are hilarious
  13. hahaha lol! i love sweedish now, it's certainly soft and very funny to hear lol
  14. ohhh now everything is clear, o thank you caz girl!!
  15. hahaha do you mean to sing and let you guys listen to it? i would damage your delicate ears, noway oh jassisa, i wish i could download your songs, i hate my computer!! oh, how does sweedish sound? wow! never listened to it! it must sound soft, thats what i think
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