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  1. We are looking for some die-hard Mika fans to take part in a new music documentary for Channel 4. It would involve traveling to a Mika gig in June, allowing a camera crew to document your journey and reactions to watching them play live in an intimate venue. Anyone interested must live in the UK and be over the age of 18. Please contact vodafone.tba@endemoluk.com leaving a name, address and contact number as well as a recent photo EDIT: HI EVERYONE.... FD deleted this thread cause this person asked for your personal information. PLEASE! be carefull.... i suggest u send an email first to see if this is ok and not some crazy person asking for your personal info ok? dont give your address and everything right away. (no offence TBA, we just need to protect the fanclub people ) FD... hope its ok im bringing this back. (Sivan)
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