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  1. i wasn't trying to be a scary stalker...i promise. i'm afraid of all that stuff too (hence my empty profile). i just thought it was all okay since mika said all of those things himself on those interviews, and everything i know they put on the web themselves.
  2. wow...helena christensen (the supermodel) has a cheese tattoo, too. i don't like cheese thatmuch but i loooove gouda. i don't have a picture of fortune, but he has this "bebo" thingy (like...the british myspace? i dunno.) it's private, so you can't see it. crap. his profile picture for that account is odd.
  3. cheeseygoodness, i have to tell you something: i love your screen name. it made my day. yours, julinba
  4. another comparison: and omg, i just noticed that guy next to the blonde mika. his mustache is either really funny or going to haunt my dreams.
  5. whooaaa! i checked out Bodies Without Organs (the band mika likes) and the guy in the band is like...MIKA! only blonde...it's eerie. and the music is kind of similar... look at the lead singer! kinda like mika, no? they would make a really, really, REALLY hot couple. omg, i'm having this gay fantasy. like guys have lesbian fantasies.
  6. aahh you CANNOT leave me (us!) hanging on like that...deets please??!
  7. i just find out from stuff on the web. props to google and facebook. here's a pic of zuleika allegra from an italian mika fansite (gotta love them italians): http://mikafan.forumcommunity.net/?t=6702768 you have to scroll down, and you'll see this cute girl with big eyes (she's pretty!) aaaand here's a pic of yasmine aka dawack from the same site: http://mikafan.forumcommunity.net/?t=6377620&st=0
  8. that was a really funny interview! "I probably would eat dog poo or eat dinner with Prince Harry for £1million but I wouldn't swim with fish." LOLOLOL. i hate water, too. thought i was the only one
  9. oh, and by "immature and crass," i mean, you know, typical teenager boy crap: drinking, looking at porn, making dirty jokes...typical, typical. hope it's not in the penniman family! hmm wonder if fortune is as wonderful as his brother...fortune IS closer to my age....lol
  10. yasmine is the oldest sister paloma is the 2nd oldest and she went to school of oriental and african studies @ university of london mika is the middle child zuleika allegra is his younger sister (and dedicated "lollipop" to her). she's 18, and went to westminster school. she's on facebook (as well as paloma) fortune is 16, i believe. mika's "poor little brother" stuck with all of mika's crazy clothes.
  11. lol, aw...but it would be hella sweet if he could fly airplanes. his brother fortune goes to westminster still...i think he's 16. i know his friend. i don't know about fortune, but my friend (and his friends) are total guys and they do typical 16 year-old guy things (ie immature and crass). ugh!
  12. also, his dad went to UPenn's wharton school (amazingly brilliant ivy league with #1 business school). and he apparently grew up wealthy except for the time his parents sold their house once when his dad had troubles and they still had to go to the expensive westminster
  13. go to youtube and search "mika interview". and sort by date added. there's this list of "5 things you gotta know" about mika. they're fairly entertaining! plus, he loves yeah yeah yeahs' karen o and bjork (my heroins).
  14. oh yeah, i've heard that, too! also the most famous person on his mobile is michael jackson.
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