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  1. ha ha - arent we all (broke that is)...! I will drop by more ofter soangel! Promise... I have been asked to 'remove' myself from MIKA for now - whoops - so I better get going and do some work! Wishing you ALL a Happy New Year...Aussies and Honourary Aussies alike. Stay safe and have fun!! xxxxx
  2. Umm kinda! Not totally..altho I am at work at the mo..umm mah! Been busy and just forgot to stop by and wave....*waves*..ahh much better. SO nice to still see some familiar faces about.... How are YOU ? Still doing the moderator thing??!!!
  3. Yes its been toooo long! I have to learn how to work my way around in here again Poppet is super .. had a great Christmas with her as shes 21 months old so shes into it now! Jaw dropping huh!! Its meeeeeeeeeeee! I never forget you lot you know!! DC !! Soangel !! Yay
  4. Hey Hey Hey everyone! Long time no talk...How is everyone?!!!
  5. You sure can - I will answer to WM or Tilda Nice to meet you...we swapped sides as I was born in Sydney and ended up over here!
  6. I sure am Still just working one day a week and some Saturdays...I enjoy it...and on days like this its nice to be at work so I dont have to worry about coming and going in the rain! It has been ages..your boys (or at least one of them) should be at school shouldnt they??? Poppet is 13 1/2 mths now and decided to start walking last Fri - yay! I could walk her to the local school but I dont think they will let her in!! I am naughty as I have been meaning to jump on here and say hi sooner but I just seem to be busy doing 'stuff'!! No excuse really... How is the gang? Still all here?
  7. Helloooooooooooooooooo!!! Tis me - back from afar!! Well I never really went anywhere...but I wanted to say hi to everyone. hey Joels xx
  8. true true but like the man himself said on Fri night in Perth...he wanted to take our weather home to NJ with him...so lovely at the mo..hot Canada is chilly now?? Not doing much yet..waiting for poppet to wake up and we will prob go out for dim sum....
  9. I was 6 rows from the front!! I had a friend 'in the know'...so its all because of her really Hi everyone..enjoying the public holiday so far?
  10. I have just been really busy...doing 'stuff'!! Went to Bon Jovi Friday night - what a hoot My Australia Day was spent racing home 15 misn before the fireworks started to find my cat, who I forgot to lock inside earlier, so it was really a waste of time! Lucky for me, I could see some fireworks from my street corner as I live quite close to the city. And what about yours? Have fun?
  11. Hi all Couldnt resisit just popping in to say hi...and mention that I used to travel from the pub to McDonalds and thru the drive thru in a shopping trolley when I was a little younger!! Gotta watch the speed humps tho Hows everyone? Its been a while...!!
  12. Hi everyone Just wanted to give you all a little wave At work so cant really stay and chat - altho will try!! xx
  13. Brrrrrr.. Anyway, I must say goodbye as I am at work !! ssshhh... You have all been great at helping me pass the time...I am outa here...speak to you lovely peeps another time
  14. Opposite to where I am... Sunny and hot here...Lovely
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