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  1. BillyL

    This ONe Is For Us Gentlemen

    Im baaack!
  2. BillyL

    The new gay boy

    Welcome new boy! your gonna love it here! come and make your acquaintance with the other gentlemen on this forum
  3. BillyL

    This ONe Is For Us Gentlemen

    No, I really should look at getting one though huh!, Im sorry I have run out of time on here I will be back soon as!
  4. BillyL

    This ONe Is For Us Gentlemen

    ooh yes, thats nice, I think If I ever get my Corvette dream I would keep it in the garrage and shine it, like a trophy, as much as I would love to drive it those things use gallons of petrol! too much $$$ you David I can see you with an Aquada Boatmobile!!
  5. BillyL

    This ONe Is For Us Gentlemen

    I am from a small island off the coast of Australia, by the name of Tasmania although my dad is from New Zealand and my mother is from Italy well I have to go very soon, limited time and all that, What do you people usually talk about here? I saw car in here, my dream baby is a corvette stingray! maan
  6. BillyL

    This ONe Is For Us Gentlemen

    BillyL at your service!! My real name is.......William but most people call me Billy!!
  7. BillyL

    This ONe Is For Us Gentlemen

    man in the house!!
  8. BillyL

    HEY. (In need of friendsXD)

    welcome, Im pretty new and ill be your newbe friend! Ps love the pic
  9. BillyL

    Hi Im new

    so, wheres the best place to go from here? any tips
  10. BillyL

    Hi Im new

    Hi my name is Billy (william actually but most people call me billy) So my story, well I was in a Taxi one day on the way home from a party and I heard this really irritating song, had it stuck in my head for weeks! (Grace kelly) yet something also intregued me about this particular person singing the songs so being the internet junky that I am I googled grace kelly, found out his name was mika then googed that! found his myspace, link to mika sounds, found youtube videos, which brought me to youtube videos with mika fan club dot com on the beginning, found out where to come and the rest is history as they say! why am I here?!? Im not sure, I like his music and brought his album most recently! gosh the mans a freakn genius! So this is me! Kia ora, Ta lofa, Greatings, Ohio gazaimus, bonjour, ¡hola, salve, goddag, привет,