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  1. MIEHIEE!! sorry can't help it, found it very funny! Mika's a bit like me, i also always do those kind of stupid things, like falling in public ok sometimes it's a bit embarissing, but if you just stand up and SMILE like nothing happened everything turns out OK!! woohoow mika!
  2. oh! and i think you liked the simpsons movie spider-pig!! delicious!!
  3. OMG!!!! *faint* i had no clue you could buy such tickets!! let me know how it was!!!!
  4. BELGIUM!!!! me too!! are you going the 13th november to his concert?? yesterday i got my tickets!! i was freakin out :p nice to "meet" you!! x
  5. looloo


    Hi everyone Read the mail, so now i'm doing what's expect of me and say hello to everyone Where i heard first of mika, the radio... i fell in love with that voice that irritates everyone else, then i went surfing on the net for a song, but what i then saw... a picture of mika, and yeah i think it's like the same as everyone else here... beautiful songs, and what an appearance.. yum oh whatever just like his music a lot !!! But i'm think i better quit here, have to go back to the books, yes indeed in the summertime i have to study how horrible, i have to redo some exams, stupid me, less party next year Big hug !! x looloo
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