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  1. i think he looks like a koala..don't u!?
  2. well i don't know if they are new to u guys but they r new to people over here in Ireland...songs like holy jonny..sally...toxication..the only lonely one..etc..
  3. heya..is it just me, or does mika av a load of new songs, i ad no idea that he had any new songs until today nd now i av come across 3 nd they r brill..why r dey bn kept so quite!?
  4. caitlin


    heya im nw to da site..but i av bn a mika fan 4 ages... so..where did i come across mika u ask..well it woz quite random actually i just stumled across a mika bebo pg..as simple as that..nd ever since i've bn listen' to his album.. hey has any1 heard his nw song holy jonny..it rocks my socks!!!!!!!!!
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