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  1. Wow!! sooooooooo cool!!! I like your daughter's job!! It's great!! and I heard that too. I think the base guitarist's name is Micheal Choi and he is korean maybe..
  2. Hello! This is Mika fan Natasha. Please understand my bad English. haha!! I live in Korea. My Korean name is Soree, Park and I'm 17 so I have to enter highschool this year.I will go to boarding school. I like this, but badly, I think I have to study harder and I cannot use internet much at my school. So, if I can't visit this site often, please don't angree about that. However, I love Mika and his song's' !<-If you cannot understand what I say, I'm sorry. Any way, I'll be his mega big fan. thank you. And, Happy new year!!!!!
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