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  1. i thought the music was great the dancing very good and energetic but maybe all the singing in french was a little overpowering sorry!
  2. at first i wasnt to keen on going i wasnt the biggest fan but my family were like come on it be fun so me and my boyf went and it was out of this world and have totally fallen in love was amazing i especially like the vuluptuos women in big girls thought they were great
  3. hey guys i just joined just thought id say hi and let you all know sunday 2nd i went brixton and saw mika he kicked butt! i went with my boyfriend my mum and my 7 sisters there were 6000 people and i think my sister was like youngest she is 5 and mikas biggest fan she knows all songs bless her! before concert my mum took little sister to toilet they came running back and said they had seen mika getting out of a silver family car hes minder had told them all he was poorly and needed to save voice so he couldnt talk only smile while she took a picture. heard the next day he had cacelled last 2 gigs so we were sooo lucky get well soon mika!! we love you!! :wub2:
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