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  1. I am probably an older fan...but I am young at heart. I just love this guy and want to see him live in concert so bad. But he's not going to be in the Cleveland area. I'm trying to talk my husband into driving out to Philly or Chicago since we are just about half-way between the two concerts - about a 6-7 hour drive either way. Well, we'll see. Any other Cleveland area fans out there? I just discovered MIKA last weekend when I got my new iPod Touch. I started looking for music videos on YouTube when I ran across his Grace Kelly video. I immediately fell in love with his music and his style...and it doesn't hurt that he's so darn cute. I am at home a lot now on short term disability battling breat cancer. The cancer will not defeat me. Listening to his music makes me want to just get up and dance...but I've got two left feet. I found this site through YouTube and also through a Google search. Now, I just can't get enough MIKA music. I also love his interviews.
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