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  1. All this talk about chocolate sauce makes me wonder what you lot do in the factory when I'm not around... *slinks off*
  2. Once everyone had settled down with their dinner Soa began to recount their story, right from the beginning, "Okay, basically we're this group with superpowers..." Two and a half hours later "...And so that's how we ended up here." Soa finished up, Mulholland was gaping at us all with shock. While the rest of the PPR's were looking around with sleepy eyes, with the exception of a few. "You're kidding right, no one can actually live through all that. And how the hell did you always find good accommodation for such a huge group?" Nico grinned at him. "You betcha we did, although, it doe
  3. Okay... I can't post. *is still a wee bit confused* I will post after someone else does though... *hinthint*
  4. How did chuu know?! *grabs JD and runs off to the closest closet/hot chocolate tub*
  5. Not terribly at the moment, but because my brother has really bad tonsillitis, there's a possiblity, that I could have the early stages, so I'm home to be on the safe side... *shrugs* So what are you up to on this fine day m'dear?
  6. *puts feet up* I love coming home from school sick. Herro everyone. : D
  7. Oh wow... I probably won't post until tomorrow night, I have that much to catch up on... I started at like 5-ish, and I'm only halfway there. ): *Is excited to be back again though*
  8. Thank you my deary. (I vote we just start inexcessively poking them )
  9. TEEGS!!! I had an emotional breakdown! Then I was better... Then the stress started building up again... Then about three or four hours ago, dC was like, yo, you hang around MFC anymore... Then he told me about the announcement, and then I decided it was time to come on back and laze about here again, cause I think it's been over a year long hiatus.... So yeah. (AND IT'S PAST 8PM! Where's the announcement. ): )
  10. *creeps in* Ohhh~. Sounds interesting... *slinks out*
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