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  1. Once everyone had settled down with their dinner Soa began to recount their story, right from the beginning, "Okay, basically we're this group with superpowers..." Two and a half hours later "...And so that's how we ended up here." Soa finished up, Mulholland was gaping at us all with shock. While the rest of the PPR's were looking around with sleepy eyes, with the exception of a few. "You're kidding right, no one can actually live through all that. And how the hell did you always find good accommodation for such a huge group?" Nico grinned at him. "You betcha we did, although, it does sound a little bit unbelievable at first..." She ignored his comment on accommodation, like everyone else did, it's not like that had any clue how they always ended up getting lucky with it, it was like a bunch of people were out there just writing these places into existance. ((Dammit. Where's the strikeout button.)) I snorted, "Yeah, sure it does. It sounds just as incredulous the fifty-thousandth time you hear it too." "Don't listen to her." M said shooing me away whilst grinning. "She was only with us for less than a year before we got frozen." "Yeah, but it means I have more experience with the adaption from normal to PPR." M let out a bark of laughter. "HA! You're as insane as the rest of us." Artsy threw out her hand, signalling everyone to be quiet. "There's people stamping around outside." A voice rang through the room they were all in, "Come out with your hand up." "Ahh shoot." A voice hissed out, obviously annoyed at the idea of being captured yet again. Everyone kinda started to rub their heads, now what... Normally they'd be confering via Kelz, however the damn bubble made that a little difficult, they could try and wing it, however, having powers didn't actually do much for the fitness side of things, and it wasn't like they had many weapons apart from blunt knives they'd used for dinner. "Guys. We're screwed." "Understatement of the century." Hm... How'd I go? I think I'm a lil bit rusty. :\
  2. Okay... I can't post. *is still a wee bit confused* I will post after someone else does though... *hinthint*
  3. Oh wow... I probably won't post until tomorrow night, I have that much to catch up on... I started at like 5-ish, and I'm only halfway there. ): *Is excited to be back again though*
  4. Holy f**k. Those are massive! That is so sweet of him, wow...
  5. Oh dear. Me thinks this could possibly spell disaster... However, that pizza looks /really/ nice!
  6. Heya! *huggles* That sounds way better then the one I had to do this term. We had to do it on prophets from the Old Testment.. In groups of three. (I was with the guys I liked, the guy that liked me and they were mates. So that was fun!) But anyway, if worst comes to worst at least you can drabble on a bit... Right?
  7. Oh really? Care to show me? I haz toooo! I've grown a whole... Nothing... That's actually kinda depressing. *pouts*
  8. Mphf mmfp mooph muk (Was the gag really necssary?) Not to mention the random straitjacket... I mean seriously, how the hell did you get your hands on one of them? Silliness aside. *huggles*
  9. I'll try... *grins* I've missed you too! *huggles*
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