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  1. Sorry if my posts are so been there done that, but I'm new to Mika. A Mika virgin. Mikaed for the very first time. I recently asked a bunch of questions about Grace Kelly. So, now this one. Why "ker-ching?"
  2. All makes a lot of sense. I think a lot of Mika's music is about being yourself and screaming for people to let you be yourself. Gay, straight. Skinny or big girl. One more question. What does he mean when he ends with ker-ching?
  3. Greetings from Philadelphia New to Mika, love Mika, so excuse me for going over gtound that's been trodden. You know, Grace Kelly was from Philadelphia and I met her. I dated her niece collage. It was funny that when Mika started his Philly tour he didn't make mention of her. So here are my questions. I don't remember her having a "queasy smile," not in real life or in movies. Well in "Dial M for Murder," she was queasy but she was going for her gallows. And wouldn't be ever again with her gayish boyfriend (played by Robert Cummings) who was not not nearly as hot as her husband, played Ray Milland. Don't see her looks as so sad. What did she have to be sad about? Beautiful. Great film career. Married a prince! Had her own country. And people liked her. He is right that she was both wholesome and while "loathsome" is a little strong, she did apparently have a wild teenage time while putting forward this wholesome image. And she was pretty randy in "Rear Window." So help me out.
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