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  1. hey there I'm fine thanls & how are you? loving your MJ avatar :D I've just been over on the Mjjc & on my MJ forum too & I've also been making an MJ website (which is gonna take a week or two to finish)


    I've only got the first 3 pages of the site done so far, but the forum of mine has been up & running a couple of months.


    And talking of MJ I went to see my fave illusionist Derren Brown on monday (who i know fairly well) & during one of his tricks he hee hee'd like MJ lmfao :lmao: (he knows i like MJ) it really made me laugh


    don't know if you know who Derren Brown is but he's a great lovely guy & a wonderful illusionist





    hope you're well take care chat soon :huglove:



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