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  1. Welcome to the MFC!! :huglove:

  2. Hai it's great to finally be an "official" fan... The first song I heard by Mika was Love Today and that was back in early October, when I was doing volunteer work. hey volunteering is awesome:thumb_yello: It was the first time I heard the song and it immediately caught my attention! I never knew what the song was that day... fastforward to December I heard a snippet of Love Today on the radio because of this radio advertisement and this time I was determined to find that song! If only CA radio stations played Mika's songs... pssh. So, long story short I looked up the lyrics, found the song, and I ended up looking up other songs by Mika and I just loved them! I can't wait until Mika's new album comes out... until then I will be listening contently to LCM... (Stuck in the Middle is my favorite )
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