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  1. thank you for finding the little vid :thumb_yello:


    It´s funny how he always comes up with storys that doesn´t fit together:aah: .It seems to be his thing and it makes him more dramatic and stuff but for me it´s more entertaining then informative lately ;3

  2. Okay I'm bored.. Was playing a game of connect.. Basically I take two seemingly unrelated things and try to find something to connect the two together. I picked Sherlock and Panic! At The Disco... Of course :naughty: So I was able to connect them and for lack of anything better to do I feel like explaining it.

    The titles of the songs "Lying Is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off" and "But It's Better If You Do" come from a line said by Alice Ayers (portrayed by Natalie Portman) in the movie Closer: "Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off... but it's better if you do." Jude Law stars in Closer- He played Watson in 2 adaptations of Sherlock. Connected. :aah: Sometimes I wonder what I'd do without boredom' date=' forces me to think about things :teehee:[/quote']










    I´ll be on my holidays tirp with my family tomorrow evening :yay: cannot wait :blush-anim-cl:

  3. aww, love it! :fangurl: he looks so natural in it. :wub2: of course the video is blocked in germany :sneaky2:, but luckily i have proxtube... :naughty:


    and i love how the video describes the story he told in interviews, about not being able to write songs - it's like life going on without him, while he is drowned in his notes and still not getting anything done... and then he surrounds himself with people and is happy again and finds his freedom, throwing away the notes, you can see he's suddenly in his element, just playing the piano instead of trying to write something down, and he just lives. :wub2:


    edit: i just watched it again, and it's amazing how i can really *feel* his loneliness first, and then also his freedom and happiness. so beautiful! :swoon:


    very well said (I had to watch it on myvideo--> thanks Germany)


    I like how he does music videos that are dancy and have got a plot ...unlike many other crappy videos of crappy artists.


    nothing to add to your words:blush-anim-cl:

  4. thank you for posting it.

    it´s great and I enjoyed reading it. I`m glad mikas sexuality or previous albums aren´t discused too much in there.

    I really love the quotes. that´s our mika.

    I´m glad he´s back

  5. My mum watched the whole interview at Rock The Games with me today, which was more than 20 minutes. Thing is, she doesn't understand a word in English (and I didn't force her to watch it, I swear :teehee: ). So when I asked her why did she watch it, she said

    "I just like watching his face, alright? "



    ...Mika fan in making. :mikadas:


    tha tis awesome :kachinga:

    my mom was watching tv when I came in and told her I had to watch out for mika playing at the olympics (I had no idea at that time it wouldn´t bw on).. she was jsut very quiet (very strange) and I zapped and after he wasnt shwon my mom said it´s dissapointing and she´d ahve like to see it

    :shocked: never htought that day would come!

  6. I'm new here, I'm italian and I don't know all English so excuse me if I'll do some errors. It's about one year and half that I am Mika's fan but I never registred here :) so..maybe I'll need help xD

    xoxo, GiorgiaMikette


    hey and welcome :yay: have a great time here :bye:

    did you see mika live allready?

  7. :aah:

    yes they have 4 wheels :aah::mf_rosetinted:

    no Ouninpohja really is a legend, every single rallydriver scares it and loves it :teehee:

    5 Ott Tänak/Kuldar Sikk (Ford Fiesta RS WRC)

    ´That is a really crazy stage. The beginning was slippy.´

    7 Chris Atkinson/Stephane Prevot (Citroen DS3 WRC)

    ´It´s the trickiest stage. I was sliding massively but still good fun. Lots of loose gravel and slippery.´

    there :aah:


    is that basic knowledge? :shocked:. thank you for enlightening me my little hero! I had no idea:doh:

    I´ve seen pics of those ways but I can´t tell it apart :doh:


    hey! what are your plans for today?

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