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  1. thank you for finding the little vid It´s funny how he always comes up with storys that doesn´t fit together:aah: .It seems to be his thing and it makes him more dramatic and stuff but for me it´s more entertaining then informative lately ;3
  2. thank you a lot mari I enjoy this version a lot. (am listening to it again and again:blush-anim-cl: )
  3. good day people is there sitll a downloadlink for the whole show? it´s one of my fave performances but my pc tells me the link on the first page is no longer available:sneaky2:
  4. aww. I just read the report and it sounds wonderful :blush-anim-cl:. I`m so happy for you! Its brillant you´ll have the chance to see him some more thise year :yay:


    I´ll see him in cologne in November and it´ll be my first mika gig :DDD I cannot wait :boing:


    hey. how are you doing? :)

  5. very well said (I had to watch it on myvideo--> thanks Germany) I like how he does music videos that are dancy and have got a plot ...unlike many other crappy videos of crappy artists. nothing to add to your words:blush-anim-cl:
  6. thank you for posting it. it´s great and I enjoyed reading it. I`m glad mikas sexuality or previous albums aren´t discused too much in there. I really love the quotes. that´s our mika. I´m glad he´s back
  7. tha tis awesome my mom was watching tv when I came in and told her I had to watch out for mika playing at the olympics (I had no idea at that time it wouldn´t bw on).. she was jsut very quiet (very strange) and I zapped and after he wasnt shwon my mom said it´s dissapointing and she´d ahve like to see it never htought that day would come!
  8. so hes really performing at the olympics? wow I hope some mfc-ers will be able to record it
  9. hey and welcome have a great time here did you see mika live allready?
  10. upps.. I meant "Monk" I should do sth useful but cannot find the energy ><. I wanted to stalk a few threads too but am simply around here
  11. buhuuu. I should´ve kept my mouth shut considering that you´re holidays were much longer :DDD bahaha teehee. I`m atching Mink now. Do you know the series? funny
  12. you´re a blogger? yay!!!! What is it called? haha. I´ve got still 4 weeks of holidays *evilmode* what did you do during your holidays? and how long did they last?
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