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    music: mika, demi lovato, selena gomez, ed sheeran, taylor swift, Coldplay,Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, Passenger and lots more.

    painting, writing, reading and watching movies.

    going for long walks :)

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  1. nice . im going for red lipstick and smokey eyes
  2. ????????. i still have to figure out what makeup look im going for haha
  3. does anyone know who won the swatch competition? has it been announced?
  4. wear whatever you are comfortable in. im just wearing a simple black and white dress with heels that arent that high. as long as you have fun at the concert that is the main thing
  5. usually 1hr before the show. but i guess you can go earlier to collect tickets as i have done that before for a different show
  6. oh yh ive seen this before. ???????? i also hope some MFCers win ????????????
  7. all you would have to do is make the sign however you want but using those words. Or is it too much since we are doing the heart sign?
  8. hi everyone, i have an idea. not sure if its been done before, but ive been talking to some fans about when mika sings elle me dit and then goes into his full on weird dance. but ive noticed he hasnt done that in recent shows. he has but not his crazy usual way. and i thought it be funny IF he does Elle Me Dit at London we all put up signs saying "Mika dance, Mika dance dance dance" I know we are already doing the heart sign, but what do you all think?
  9. anyone sitting in stalls going to have extra hearts? i dont have access to print it off
  10. thank you for this hope you enjoyed paris ????????
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