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  1. On Twitter the spot is mentioned or retweeted by Peugeot France, Spain, Greece, Portugal and UK. More I didn't find for the moment, but that seems already quite international...  :naughty:

    Unfortunatly Peugeot Germany and also Peugeot Italy tweeted nothing about it so far. But I'm not sure if it would work very well in Germany anyway, however, I really hope they'll use the campaign also there  :yes:

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  2. Hi,

    I'm looking for something thats not about Mika directly, but is still connected in some kind.


    So what exactly is Creepy neighbour? A band with Max and Curtis? I tried to find out a bit more about them, because I like the singing of max quite a lot and would like to follow his activity a bit more as well, but the instagram, facebook and twitter pages are not that informative as I hoped... so can anyone help? Or is there maybe already a topic about this existing which I havent found?

  3. Hi,


    I am already a member since February and try to be more active here now. However, I just recognised that I never introduced myself and so, finally, here is my introduction:


    I am 19 years old and from north Germany, but I live (until July 2017) near London and work as an aupair.


    The first time I heard music by Mika was probably around 2007. It was the time as "Relax take it easy" were everywhere and I remember that we heard it sometimes in the bus on our way to school. But I never knew who sang it and, for my defence, I was in elementary school and hadn't any interest in music at that point. Therefore it's quite unusual for me to remember a specific song, yet for any reason it sticked in my mind.


    Than I came across him in the internet in autumn 2014, as I googled...somebody else with the same name... I saw some concert and music videos, some interviews, did a lot of research et cetera et cetera, because I liked him and his music. That's how my obsession started and now I am really addicted to his music. 


    By the way: I read about the planning for the 10th anniversary, I mean the poll, but the thread was already closed as I spotted it and I can't find a new one. Is there a new one? If there is something in London, I' d really like to try to join it, even though I am just a member since February.







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  4. Perhaps it's obvious or there was already a discussion about this. Yet I couldn't find anything, so I need to ask:
    Inspite of the fact that I understand almost no word, I watch the second episode now and wondered who George is. On his numberplate are the words "Hi George" and now I'm very curious about that  :loco:

    Does anyone know who's meant with that?


    George StaseraCasaMika


  5. Hi, nice to see that you're coming to the gig from Germany! :)

    Usually Mika's shows start at 21:00, with the support act starting about an hour earlier. If this one starts at 21:45, i think it's because it's open air and it's a nicer atmosphere when it's dark. I guess the support band Xylaroo will start at 20:45 then. Doors maybe at 7? Doesn't it say this on the ticket? But it's usually always between 6 and 7.

    Thanks! Your answer helps me a lot.


    And yeah, if he don't make a concert in Germany I have to come to him. I am so excited to see him finally on stage. I waited so long for this ????

  6. Hi,
    I think the question has been asked before, but I didn't detected an answer. Does anyone safely know when the concert will start. I found different times in the Internet and now I am a little confused. 
    Furthermore I want to ask how much earlier I have to be there (I have Tickets for the "posto unico")?
    Sadly I never had the possibility to see Mika live until now, so I don't want to do anything wrong at this (perhaps unique) opportunity.
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