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  1. Salva英

    Mika’s accent in French

    Merci à tous ! Vous êtes très aimables ! Thank you everyone! You’re all so kind x
  2. Salva英

    Mika’s accent in French

    Avec le mot “tournure” tu veux dire qu’il a un rythme anglais quand il parle ? Quand je l’entends parler le français je peux voir qu’il le fait avec la même intonation qu’en anglais (laquelle je suis censé faire aussi).
  3. Salva英

    Mika’s accent in French

    Bonjour tout le monde ! My name is Salva and I am a Spanish-born boy who moved to the United Kingdom at age 8. I’ve lived in London for 10 years, and after getting my A-Levels I moved out to Paris in order to become an interpreter/translator. I speak fluent Spanish (it’s my mother tongue) and English has always been like a second mother tongue: I’ve been raised bilingual. At school, I discovered my passion for French and Chinese, so those are the languages I chose at University. As you can imagine (this is my 7th year studying la langue de Molière) my French is OK but still needs improving obviously. I speak English with a strong British accent, just like Mika does (his accent is highly British, sorry if you don’t agree with me). Recently, I’ve been told by many French people that I look like Mika when I talk (in French, I mean)! I always say that it is in fact impossible, as his French is pretty much better than mine. I’ve been told more than 4 times that my accent in French looks like Mika’s, which leads me to the next question: does Mika really have an accent in French or does he actually sound completely standard? thanks for answering, merci de m’avoir répondu, je salue tous les francophones qui sont inscrits à ce site ! Salva xx