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  1. Rossana_


    Thank you😊. It's hard to choose just one song, i loved all. Especially his way of getting you involved in the concert is beautiful. Not only he sings or dances but you also have to sing and dance aloud. It's magic😍
  2. Rossana_


    Hello everyone! I'm Rossana and I live in Italy. Honestly, I was a little afraid to sign up because I'm not a very social girl despite being 23 years old. I have always listened to Mika's songs since I was a child without considering the singer very much. Growing up I discovered the human side of Mika by seeing him in the various TV programs he did here in Italy. Then last year I decided that I had to go to a concert and then I went to a Mika concert. I went to the Livorno concert on December 2nd and was amazed. The fantastic Mika's world opened up to me😍, so i'm a new fan. I can't wait to go to another concert of his. Stay high✌️