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  1. Hi, My name's is Jules (he/him) I'm 20 and I'm from Rosario, Argentina. I'm technically new to the fandom. I just being listening to Mika since the beginning of this year but I got really hung up in all his music fast. I first know about Mika circa 2015 bc of the song "Grace Kelly". And I got really obsessed with it but didn't listent to any other songs until this year when lollipop came up in my spotify shuffle and since I liked it so much I started to listen to other songs and well...here I am... I'm still trying to understand this page šŸ˜‚ but everyone in the fandom who
  2. Hola, soy Jules soy de Argentina tambiƩn. ReciƩn esto de la pƔgina del club de fans. Estoy que no pego una jajaja
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