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Thank You Mika!

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Hi Mika, I have heard that sometimes you look in on some posts here and just wanted to take the time in thanking you. My twin sister and I absolutely love your songs and also the composition. The lyrics are so neat and you are so completely different than any other singer. You are my favorite singer. We are fans of the classics and collect vintage posters and autographs and things and love older music. You are in my favorites. Thank you for everything, your music makes me so happy. And now I am even more happy that I just got Grace Kelly for my ringtone today.


Haley & Megan Meyer


The Meyer Twins.

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good idea!

okay...... mika, you have inspired me so much in so many ways. i love all types of music.everything! being a kid myself, i love how you are always carring aroud toys. i lov you so much and you have tons of talent! keep doing wat your doing.

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