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'Big Girl' at Nokia?


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Here are 3 of mine! http://www.kodakgallery.com/Slideshow.jsp?mode=fromshare&Uc=qavpk5j.b4lpei2v&Uy=-qscmzf&Ux=0


Sorry, I'm having trouble posting the actual photos, the way they are in the album. I hope this link works! I can try to fix it if it doesn't.


Thank you!

I was watching a video of it on YouTube, since I couldn't go. And I thought it was so cute the way he was grinding with the big girl. :)

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I was at the Atlanta venue for a while before it started and there was this girl walking around asking if anyone had tickets...I guess she couldn't get any because it was sold out and she wanted some...


Wellll...I wasn't paying attention, but apparently she was one of the big girls on stage! Is that what it takes? Saying that you don't have tickets? Lol.

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