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2 Spare secret Mika gig tickets??? Please......


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I know daisy already made one like this for her but i was wondering if anyone has 2 spare tickets to this gig or if two people each have one spare???


It's the only one i can get to before November and i live in Manchester! So please if you have 2 or if two people have one each, please PM me! :biggrin2:


Thanks x

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This gig is winners only, so I doubt you'd find anyone with spares.

But don't give up hope! Have you entered the competition yourself?


Yeah, it's a bit late to win now though don't you think??? :blink:

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Sorry, there a notice on the news bit and you have to email them and say who you think is the most beautiful big girl.


Ohhhhhh i've done that! Chers for telling me though! :thumb_yello:

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