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Hey everybody.. I'm Cat, I've been a Mika fan for a while and have been lurking around for about a month but just decided to join and start talking. I live in London, I'm 18. I heard Mika on the radio (well, who hasn't) and fell in love with the music. Anyway, hope I'm welcomed!

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Hello Cat!!!Of sure u r welcome here!!!!We are a big group of friendly people...so..ENJOY THERE!!!



Byyyyyyeeeee...I hope you'll have a lot of good time here with us!!!:thumb_yello:

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hi and welcome to the fan club!!


ive got 3 warnings for you:


#1 we're scary at frist, but then you get used to us. at that point, we're just crazy!:naughty:


#2 the fansite is addictive!!!!! you will find yourself on here 24/7 if possible:boxed:


#3 mika's rocketship is MINE!!! DO NOT TOUCH!!! (see #1)


besides that, have fun:biggrin2:

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