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big girl , what do you think?


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Just out of interest, what do you think mika consider's a big girl ? just interested in other people's opinions ? i don't necessarily think his big girl that tours with him (the one with the short black hair) at uk concerts is big to be honest ? im 11 stone and consider myself a big/ more podgy girl :naughty: lol, but just wondered what your thoughts were guys ? :thumb_yello::wink2:


Big girl is one of my fav's, its an inspirational song to all the gal's !! = and does'nt make you feel guilty for eating forbidden foods coz mika's still gonna luv yaa!!! :wub2::blush-anim-cl: - love love mika !!! mwaahhh ! x

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Yeah, Ophelia (the big girl) isn't all that big. She's just a little fuller. But oh well, she's still heavier than alot of dancers, so it's all good.


And you should join the 'Big Girls & Proud' thread!

You can either go to 'General Chin Wagging' and find it, or you can click on my profile, and go to "All threads started by this user"

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