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Mika Radio Interviews , Contests, Call ins! Report your Cities/Countries!


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This ( I think I missed it)!


Was a contest (or just give-away) hosted by one of the Cool DJ's (Formerly from Southern Australia) at Crave 95 FM in Vancouver . This radio station is

hosting the concert and this is one the many MIKA related contests/give-aways etc over the next month. I am going to call in Tommorow when Kiah (the DJ) comes on and ask him what this is all about and if any other MIKA related activities are going on. I am going to ask him something with regards to the tickets and if there might be a promo/interview coming up at some point.

He was giving away 6 MIKA tickets , 2 each night. Too bad for me I missed tonights show because I could have called and asked him if he could play some MIKA music! So everyone! get to your radio stations and email and phone them and request his music and anything else you think important! my head is spinning with all the contests going on lately!!. See if they are giving tickets away at your radio stations! do it fast too!



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