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Fingertips song?...??


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Hey, I apologise if this has come up already, but do you know the part in the dvd, when Mika, Cherrise and Mikey are shopping, and Mika starts singing this song...

He says "fingertips, red from your lips" etc etc...

He said it was a new song, but what is it???

then he says he likes the idea of going around picking up bodyparts in a city..

So does anyone know??

And if anyone does do they have a youtube link or something?


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Hi! We've talked about it before, but came to no conclusion. It doesn't exist or google, lyrics sites, etc. :roftl: Now when I google it, the MFC only comes up. Haha.

Aww, really??

I was hoping I'd find something to do with it..ah well.

Maybe Mika made it up to see if anyone would notice,lol:naughty:

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