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Italian painter Franco Rossi


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Franco Rossi, born 1947, lives in Florence.

His works of art are exhibited all over the world ( Switzerland, France, Norway, U.S.A., England, Germany, Holland, Spain, Balì, China, Russia and Japan).


I'd like to share with you the paintings by this Italian artist, here are some of them: don't many look like photos?

To me it was love at first sight!


On his site you can read the artistic biography and see many of his works, of which I'll post more. http://www.franco-rossi.it/



Here are 2 files to download if you want to see some of his works full screen:


2008 - personal exibition in the Monteriggioni castle (SI) since 23rd october to 2nd november http://www.franco-rossi.it/Mgioni_2008.wmv 14,3 Mb


2006 - personal exibition in the Rocca of Castellina in Chianti (Siena) since 20th to 28th May

http://www.franco-rossi.it/Mostra%20Del%20Chianti.pps 15 Mb

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